• Fulton County TSPLOST Was Terrible Idea & You Can Prove It To Yourself

    September 23, 2019
    Fulton County TSPLOST

    Fulton County TSPLOST

    If we were to reverse the process which Fulton County TSPLOST came into existence, I'd wager that most of us would have thought it was the dumbest possible plan we have ever seen put forth.

    Follow the process below. Opt-out when you reach the point where you feel this is a bad idea and you would not support it.  Let's Play!

    1.   Public Works comes up with Road Projects to address traffic congestion in Johns Creek.
    2.   Public Works comes up with five years worth of road projects and submits them to the Council.
    3.   City Council decides to submit all projects to residents for an up or down vote.  All pass or fail.
    4.   City Council decides to combine all of our road projects, with all the projects from cities within Fulton County for a county-wide referendum where all projects pass or fail.
    5.   Johns Creek residents can be forced to do all projects, even if every citizen voted against the projects if the referendum passes with a simple majority in the County.

    Personally, I have to opt-out of this strategy at #3.  Should residents be asked to vote on a dozen or so projects? Where all either pass or fail on a singular vote?

    If you, however, get to step 4, would you really tie our fate to the rest of the county?

    What are your thoughts on Fulton County TSPLOST?

    Here is a link to the Fulton County Website on the TSPLOST bill and Documents.

    By: EJMoosa




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    I voted yes for TSPLOST and I am disappointed that almost three years later no visible infrastructure improvements are seen. I would still vote yes for it, since to me .75% is not noticeable and to me it's worth giving it a try for the small amount of expense. The movement of the S&P 500 and the value of my Real Estate holdings and rents received have a much larger impact to my net worth and quality of life than .75% on the sales tax.

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