• Interview With Chris Coughlin Seeking Re-Election to Johns Creek City Council

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    September 23, 2019
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    Podcast - Chris Coughlin Seeking Re-Election

    Podcast - Chris Coughlin Seeking Re-Election

    Council Member Chris Coughlin is seeking re-election this Fall in Johns Creek.  During our interview, we discuss council progress over the last 4 years including successes and opportunities.

    Some of the successes we touch on are the property tax reduction, progress with the traffic lights, State Bridge-141 intersection, the Walk To School program, his work with Waze Carpool to reduce traffic and other topics.

    Coughlin also talks about the opportunities he seeks to continue progress on Parks, Stormwater Management and Intersection Prioritization. He also discusses Zoning and placing residents first, as well as the Procurement Process.

    We also address the issue of divisiveness, which has been mentioned by several candidates within Johns Creek. This is a topic we have discussed in our last podcast with Council Member Stephanie Endres.

    Listen in to this Podcast on why Chris Coughlin is Seeking Re-Election to Johns Creek City Council.

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    There are 10 Candidates in total running for the 3 open Johns Creek City Council Posts. Here is the first questionnaire in our "Ask the Candidates" Series. The election is on Nov 5th, 2019, with early voting starting on October 15th, 2019.

    Be sure to stay tuned for more Podcasts with other Candidates seeking City Council.



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