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    October 8, 2019

    Johns Creek Candidate Debate - Videos. Here are the 2 recent City Council Candidates Forum & Debates.

    Below is the video from the Thornhill Meet & Greet Sept 25, 2019. Student Leadership facilitated and videoed this forum at the Thornhill clubhouse. The group is run by Irene Sanders, a Thornhill Resident.

    "Student Leadership Johns Creek is a collaborative effort of our business and civic community to provide leadership training to our local youth." - website

    Irene Sanders is a fixture in the Johns Creek Rezoning Process for several years now. Most recently from the CLUP & is currently on the Planning Commission.

    Here are the following Candidates' names present & the post seat on the ballot.

    Post 2:
    • Royce Reinecke
    • Dilip Tunki
    • Brian Weaver
    Post 4:
    • Kent Altom
    • Marybeth Cooper
    • Chris Coughlin
    • Adam Thomas
    Post 6:
    • Erin Elwood
    • Judy LeFave
    • Issure Yang

    Second, here is the video from the Northview HS Debate. It was on Wednesday, October 2, 2019.


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    Finally, unable to attend the Johns Creek Council Debates & Forums? Be sure to read our “Ask the Candidates Series”.

    Lastly, stay up to date with more Johns Creek Election News here!

    Video Sources: Johns Creek Student Leadership Youtube channel.



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    I like Erin as she seems like a nice person, but I am concerned that she is naive and not current with our local issues. It is hard to accurately determine her knowledge and readiness to represent JC since she left rather abruptly from the Thornhill debate; we learned little about her from the Northview debate; and after visiting her website, I still know very little about her or her positions on Johns Creek issues.


    As much as I would love to see a progressive on city council here, I don't think JC voters are ready for Marta when we can already drive to the North Springs station. It is probably not time for her yet and I can't give her my vote in this election, but I think she may be ready in the future.


    I would never vote for a progressive and NO, I DO NOT want Marta or more high density housing.

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