• Illegitimate Planning Commission Meeting - Deleted Video!

    By Staff
    October 14, 2019

    Here is the DELETED 'Illegitimate' Planning Commission Meeting! Oops?! No one in the room knows what Quorum is?

    What is Quorum?

    A Quorum of an assembly is such a number as must be present in order that business can be legally transacted. The quorum refers to the number present, not to the number voting.

    Johns Creek Planning Commission consists of seven members, and four need to be present, according to the City Charter.

    Illegitimate Meeting

    The meeting was on December 04, 2018.
    With three Planning Commissioners Absent, and two calling in on their cell phones. Only two in attendance, with their personal cell phones, positioned under the microphones.

    "Silence your cellphones, except the ones on the table up here!" announced Chairman Chip Floyd at the beginning of the meeting. Cackle, cackle...

    Reasons for Rules & Procedures

    According to BoardEffect, the Role of the Chair holds an important position with regard to assuring that all votes taken are official....If there is no prospect of there being a quorum, the chairman should announce that there is no quorum and no official business will be conducted.

    If the chair begins the meeting without a quorum present and a member is speaking on an issue, that member may not be interrupted for the purpose of stating that a quorum is not present....In the event that no quorum is present, the secretary should reflect in the minutes how many members were present, that a quorum was not achieved, and the date and time of the rescheduled meeting. The minutes could also include a statement that non-binding discussions were held.

    Following quorum protocols, keeps an organization balanced and democratic. While the board chair holds the primary responsibility for establishing and announcing the existence of a quorum, all board members should hold the chair accountable for adhering to proper parliamentary procedure, as a system of checks and balances.

    What Happened

    This video was Deleted by City Staff from the Johns Creek Government website. We received the video through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act Requests).

    The Meeting was held again, the following month. The costs are unknown. Nor the cost to the applicant, in time and money. Who had to present their arguments for their zoning request a second time.

    Mayor Bodker reappointed both Chairman Chip Floyd & Emmett Shaffer a few months later.

    We've reported about Mayor Bodker's Failure to Appoint Committee & Board Members to the Planning Commission in a timely manner. He recycles and reappoints the same people, regardless of their work quality.

    What are your thoughts on this Illegitimate Planning Commission Meeting?

    Lastly, if the Planning Commission Members don't know the law and rules now or have the wherewithal to research them beforehand. Will they in the future before making decisions or votes?

    Source: City of Johns Creek



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    Carl Chapman

    The level of corruption in Johns Creek government is appalling. Bodker is a disgrace.


    Wow and candidate Judy LeFave thinks her “experience” will be an asset for city council...


    Surprise, surprise. Bodker rigs the zoning hearings with a bunch a puppets to get the cases approved for his developer friends.

    No wonder Johns creek has so many apartments!

    Criminal Quid Pro Quo

    No surprise here!

    According to her campaign finance disclosure records, AAC President Bruce Barfield (who spoke at the June 5, 2018 planning commission hearing) has "contributed" a *huge* amount to Judy Lefave. Is it for her "favorable" vote on the planning commission , or is it a "down payment" for all "pro-Atlanta Athletic Club" votes that she can cast once elected to City Council?


    Cindy Eade

    Has there been any official response from Bodker or the planning commission for this error? The planning commission are just citizen volunteers and can make mistakes. Acknowledging the error publically would go a long way with me. Hiding from it and taking down meeting videos appears only that they want to cover up. Thank you for uncovering the truth!


    Based on the Lafave's comments, it appears that they are working overtime to cover their tracks and blame others. Nevertheless, I think Mrs. Lafave's voting record and donors listed in her campaign disclosures speaks for itself, in addition to the disturbing video unearthed by the JCP....


    It is Mrs. LeFave, for your correction

    Judy LeFave

    Cindy, thank you for your comment. Days prior to this scheduled meeting, my grandmother passed away. Once I knew that I would be out of town, I emailed Com Dev staff so that they would be aware of my absence. Unfortunately, other Commissioners had their own issues that kept them from attending that evening. I was called and asked if I would be available to participate by phone and I agreed to. At that time, I questioned the validity of the meeting- we had been told by the Com Dev Director that the meeting could proceed. I agree that the City could have handled this better. As someone who has given much time for the betterment of this City, I am deeply saddened to see such hatred directed towards me. Please feel free to reach out to me for further discussion.

    Dinero Contaminado


    If you really "care" about the betterment of this City, then why did you c a s h AAC President, Bruce Barfield's c h e c k?


    We understand that they are volunteers. We also understand the impact that the Planning Commission has on the residents and that the impacts can be felt for years to come. We would hope that those volunteers who agree to take these positions rise to the occasion and perform these tasks as professionally as possible.

    The City Council positions are also effectively volunteers. We doubt anyone is running for the salaries provided by those positions.

    Our expectations are high for these positions because those that are coming in seeking zoning requests arrive with professionals to support their rezoning requests. If we are not up to that challenge, then there can be many negative impacts for the residents of Johns Creek. We see no reason why the volunteers we have, who are professionals in their private lives, cannot bring that level of professionalism to the Planning Commission. That actually should be one of the criteria for selection of the individuals to the Planning Commission by the Mayor.


    Just vote Coughlin, Reinicke, and Issure in this election. Stop the Madness and Corruption.


    You got that right!!!


    Agreed. They should at least know the rules for conducting a meeting. I don't think that is too much to ask.

    Bodker Appoints Pro-Bodker Dummies

    Anyone who has watched any planning commission meeting/video knows... MOST of these "commissioners" are not only ignorant about basic procedures, but TOTALLY unprepared as well.


    NO surprise here. The beat goes on under this mayor. When I reluctantly talked with when he was running for mayor AGAIN unposed, or as it shockingly/questionably turned out at the last minute; he told me he wanted to "finish what he started". Well, he is doing just that!!!

    Vote Coughlin and Rienke!

    JC Follies

    Even the "legitimate" meetings were a farce. Sanders and Lefave always seemed to be giggling. Without City Staff nearby to constantly remind them of the processes, it could have been a great skit for SNL.


    Another, in a long series of examples of Bodker's cloak and dagger business approach. Thanks for sharing this JCP and I'm certain if you keep digging you'll find more revolting videos, among other things from the crypt that have been deliberately concealed from the taxpayer. This election represents the perfect opportunity to take our City back from Bodker's unprincipled business dealings for family and friends...


    Why can't the city just apologize and state that this meeting was conducted by mistake? Instead, the city wants to hide it and hope that no will notice. Much like when the city tried to throw in the towers by JCHS and Medlock Bridge, or maybe no one will notice that we are going to re-stripe the roads from 12 feet to 11 feet, or let's hide the proposed Gateway Markers that are not even necessary but pushed onto us like so many things are.

    Most of the people placed in these positions of power by Bodker are often appointed and reappointed because of their cozy relationships to the Mayor.

    Vote and get your friends to vote. Bodker gets to appoint his buddies, he has his rubber stamping Council Members, and he accuses everyone of being a bully. Wake up people!!


    Early voting has already started. GO VOTE!!


    Why not blame the real culprit? Sharon Ebert, the City Community Development Director. She allowed the meeting. She should have known the rules. Why vilify those that volunteer their time? I don’t even see LeFave on video, so why is she being blamed?


    Sharon Ebert is not the culprit. The Planning Commission is responsible for what actions they take just as the City Council is for the actions they take.

    The meetings are run by the Planning Commission.

    Ruth Carr

    FYI. Thanks for keeping us on track! Here is what the Planning Commission record shows for December 4, 2018 (Deferral of the application until the January meeting due to lack of a quorum):

    December 4, 2018
    RZ-18-009 | 11300 Lakefield Drive
    Complete Application
    Letter of Intent
    Site Plan
    Staff Report
    Status: Deferred to January due to lack of quorum

    Kevin LeFAve

    You, above anyone should know that Judy is always prepared since you were on her board with the JCCA! You know that she has gone “toe-to-toe” with Mr. Bodker on various issues and is not a “rubber stamp”. I am very disappointed in you.

    I guess she does not fit your agenda now because she is willing to listen and work with anyone and has proved it by working with ALL Current City Council Members and Mayer, and it doesn’t mean she is “buddy/buddy” with anyone.

    She is willing to work with ANYONE if it’s for the betterment of the city. AGAIN, YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THIS!!

    Her whole story started with a developer trying to cram something behind our house and she was the one that worked with the local community and the JCCA to get it reduced as much as possible!!! After going through that very long nightmare and learning a lot about the whole process she was asked to join the JCCA and that started her on this path.

    During her time on the JCCA she worked her ASS off to expand upon what the JCCA did for the community including but not limited to (the First debates for City Council, expanding the JCCA membership, fighting against all the things you people now falsely accuse her of.

    I know this is the politicking season and most everyone on this site wants (Reinecke/Coughlin/Yang) for the advancement of your OWN Agenda and that’s OK, just don’t throw lies out there (or halve truths), personally it’s disgusting to me. Remember we are ALL Neighbors!!

    Judy has worked her tail off for 6 years, giving to this community and all you do is “hate monger”.

    I personally have nothing against Judy’s opponents, but tell me ONE thing they have done in this community!!!!
    If any of you have the “ “ to meet me and discuss any of this (besides posting your hate comments to me), feel free. I would LOVE IT!

    Great Neighbors we have on this post, you should be very proud with yourselves!!

    Kevin LeFave



    To the best of my knowledge I have said nothing that was hateful. I am unsure why you would refer to me as a "hatemonger".

    What I have done in my comments is express my expectations for what I would expect from the Planning Commission as well as other aspects of our local government including traffic issues.


    Zane Edge

    Sharon Ebert has not worked for the city of Johns Creek since March of this year. We were told by city authorities that she retired but in fact she took another very similar job in Richmond Virginia with no time gaps on her resume. Shuuuush…. don’t tell anyone or else the city might delete her retirement notice on the JC website:


    Kevin LeFave


    You know I am referring to the comments whenever you post something!! You know your "fan base".

    How about doing a little research first. Judy was scheduled to be Out of Town for a funeral, she was called and asked to join. So, is it up to her to insure there is quorum? In hindsight she should have said "Hell NO I am Out Of Town for a funeral"

    I have not reason why the city would have taken it down "maybe because one the error was found, there was no need for it to be up" but again that is MY speculation, just like yours is "They did this to COVER something up".

    Here is your quote from above: "Lastly, if the Planning Commission Members don’t know the law and rules now or have the wherewithal to research them beforehand. Will they in the future before making decisions or votes?"

    Again, Judy was out of town at a funeral.

    It must be great being PERFECT, the rest of us will just have to be human.

    Feel free to contact me to meet and discuss, invite whomever you wish!!

    Kevin LeFave



    I was not the author of this piece nor are any of the quotes you have cited mine.


    Concerned Voter

    The real issue here is that Judy LeFave accepted a large campaign contribution from the Atlanta Athletic Club (AAC, Bruce Barfield, President). How can she possibly be objective on City Council after taking this. Ms. Elwood and Mr. Reinecke are the only candidates that did not accept any campaign contributions. Someone should write an article about the money pushing each candidate so the public can be informed of hidden agendas.

    Another Concerned Voter

    Elwood and Reinecke both signed an affidavit stating that they will not take more than $2,500 and do not need to report. However, it is my understanding that a candidate can still raise up to $5,000 and if they do go over the $2,500 threshold, then they have to report, but we won't get to see that report until December 31. 
    I am following everyone in these races and have reviewed each candidate’s campaign website. Elwood is actively asking for donations and has had several donations based on comments on her Facebook posts. I don't see any donation buttons or requests for donations from Reinecke, so he may be the only one not taking donations; however, we will also not know his donations, if any, until later. 

    Suzi Krizan

    Kevin LeFave...Do you always speak for your wife? Can't she speak for herself? I mean, this is 2019....Or was it her, using your name?


    He is just being a good husband, helping his wife in ways he can

    Kevin LeFave

    With all due respect, you can take your comment and put it...

    I do not speak for my wife and she definitely does not speak for me.

    I would be happy to meet with you, (as I am with Mr. Moosa) and you will then see who wrote the comment.
    As stated about, bring whomever you would like and we will meet in a public place.

    Kevin LeFave

    Suzi Krizan

    Kevin What comment are you talking about ? I sign my name to every comment I make ! Your friend, Bodker , can testify to that ! ?
    as for taking my comment and putting it somewhere ?.....What a juvenile comment you made !
    As for meeting you , no thanks .... I don't associate
    with people that make nasty comments and why would I want to even meet you ?????


    Judy Lafave, I am sorry that you see this discussion as "hatred towards" you. First, that is not true. I have not seen or witnessed what I would consider hatred towards you. I do; however, question your ability to work with others and to make the best decision for us. You do have a tight relationship with Bodker and his circle of influence. We have seen what that usually leads to.

    I agree that there are strong opinions on this forum, but I think that is a good thing. We need to be able to find out what the City, i.e., the Mayor, is planning. Our City's webpage does not tell us exactly what is going on but, thankfully, we have a few citizen run sites that help to keep us in the loop. It is not hate to question candidates or those already on the council. It is not about hate. It is about who is going to represent me, us, and not themselves or their political aspirations.

    Kevin Lafave, I don't believe questioning the competency of the Planning Commission members qualifies as hate. Many of us will vote in a pack that works for us. I see a lot of people here want to vote for Reinecke, Coughlin and Yang. Well, I personally want Tunki, Coughlin, and Yang. Here's the important takeaway: I don't think that people supporting Reinecke hate Tunki. Because you are not seeing support for your wife does not mean that people hate Judy. It only means that they have a strong desire to vote for one of her opponents. I have my reasons, but it is not because I hate or dislike Judy. I just don't think she is going to best represent me. That is not hate.

    The people of JC have good reason to question the pack that runs with the Mayor. Historically, anyone supported by the Mayor has voted overwhelmingly with the Mayor. We don't need more "cohesiveness". We need people willing to work for us. Most of us regret voting for the Mayor, Broadbent, Zaprowski, Lin and the list goes on. I won't do it. I refuse to be fooled again.

    Kevin LeFave

    Susi: You asked, “What comment are you talking about?” It’s yours “Do you always speak for your wife? Can’t she speak for herself? I mean, this is 2019….Or was it her, using your name?”

    I am not supposed to take offense to that?

    The difference between you and me is, even though I didn’t appreciate your comments, I asked to meet with you to discuss your comments. I don’t need to hide behind a keyboard or a phone call. I would rather have a “face-to-face” conversation.

    Thomas: Thank You for your Post: I believe we all have a right and duty to vote for whomever we choose, that’s what makes us American.

    As for Mr. Bodker (answering both Susi and you), my association with Mr. Bodker is minimum at best, I met him once in 2008 when we were fighting a developer that wanted to build behind our home. Does that constitute a friendship? The interesting thing is Chris Coughlin has been to my house for a Christmas Party and Judy dragged me to Stephanie Endres campaign event once, does that mean I am friends with them? So, I am confused with the “running with the Bodker pack” comment.

    I do know that Judy will work with anyone if it’s for the betterment of the City. She would be best at answering any questions and is always willing to talk with anyone.

    What prompted this whole thing with me!
    Why did this “Illegitimate Planning Commission Meeting – Deleted Video” come out now, why was this video not out in Jan. 2019? My guess, politics (which is fine with me), but the comments made after that without people knowing the story behind it, is what I’m not happy with. The backstory: My wife had a death in her family and was out of town for the Planning Meeting, she was called and asked to join in the meeting (and did).

    I could have chosen to be anonymous with my post, but I truly wanted everyone to know it was me.

    This will be the last time I comment on this subject.

    Suzi Krizan

    First off, my name is spelled SUZI..
    SecondIy, I am busy enough to go meet with anyone...and especially you over a comment merely asking why your wife was not responding herself. You take offense to THAT???? hmmmmm must not take much to set you off.
    Thirdly, calm down ...you'll get high blood pressure!


    So what's with the stripper pole in the bottom right? Class Act!


    If you watch the video, you will see that MaryBeth Cooper suggested that the Zoning Case at hand might result in the wrong type of "school" could take it's place if the school failed since we already have one fencing school in Johns Creek. Stripper Pole school was one of the schools mentioned.

    More concerning was that the gentleman who wanted to open a fencing school, has determined that the risk with this venture was worth the potential reward and who is a resident of Johns Creek, was having his dream challenged.

    We need more home grown businesses such as this Fencing School. Residents of Johns Creek who choose Johns Creek First for their businesses should be encouraged.

    Christine Austin

    Why not let businesses try and see what happens? If they succeed then that means that they are supported by the residents. Why does the City Council need to approve? Let the market forces work it out. If Johns Creek residents want a stripper school then they should have a stripper school and anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to attend. Simple as that. What would it hurt? City Council should not be dictating our morality.


    This was no "error" as someone suggested above, Nor was it an oversight. Just more of the same deceit and shady dealings coming out of council likely driven by Bodker and his cronies/puppets. Just more of the same sad stories... Sickening! Bodker is "finishing what he started". Bravo! Cannot wait to see him go!

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