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    November 25, 2019

    Johns Creek City Council Runoff


    Johns Creek City Council Runoff - Everything you need to know! Here are the Candidates that made it into the runoff. Where is early voting? See below.

    Johns Creek City Council Runoff Candidates

    Post 2:

    • Dilip Tunki
    • Brian Weaver

    Post 4:

    • Chris Coughlin
    • Marybeth Cooper

    Post 6:

    • Issure Yang
    • Erin Elwood

    Early Voting

    Early voting for the runoff elections will start TODAY!

    Monday through Wednesday, November 25 - 27, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

    • Park Place at Newtown, 3125 Old Alabama Road, Johns Creek

    Not sure who to vote for?

    Preserve Johns Creek

    Many people moved to Johns Creek because of the unique characteristics of the community. Preserve Johns Creek is a local advocacy group aimed at preserving and enhancing Johns Creek. They've offered their endorsements based on this mission.

    Endorsement for Post 2 - Dilip Tunki

    Our endorsement for Post 2 goes to Dilip Tunki. Mr. Tunki earns our endorsement based on his long-term volunteer community involvement in Johns Creek and his professional experience in finance and engineering.

    While his opponent, Brian Weaver, had an admirable career as a police officer in Johns Creek, there is a reason for concern over the amount of financial backing his campaign has received from developers and individuals with an interest in construction projects.

    Endorsement for Post 4 - Chris Coughlin

    Our endorsement for Post 4 goes to Chris Coughlin. Mr. Coughlin is the lone incumbent in the race, and as such, is a known entity. He has regularly championed property tax millage rates for city residents and successfully led the motion to adopt the biggest tax decrease in Johns Creek history in 2019. His opponent, Marybeth Cooper, has been a very active volunteer in the community and was the President of the JCCA. In this race, Mr. Coughlin’s accomplishments (in 2-year term) give him a decided edge and proven track record aligned with the PJC mission.

    Endorsement for Post 6 - Issure Yang

    Our endorsement for Post 6 goes to Issure Yang. Ms. Yang is a long-time resident of Johns Creek with a history of volunteer contributions to local schools and the community. She previously competed for a role on City Council in 2017, and nearly upset the incumbent in that race. The time has allowed her to define a detailed agenda and documented positions available on her website - perhaps the most thorough of any candidate in this election.

    In comparison, her opponent, Erin Elwood, has very little detail on her website. In addition, Ms. Elwood has elected to keep contributions and expenses below $2,500, she is not subject to campaign contribution disclosure requirements, therefore in addition to a lack of detail on her agenda, the source of her support is unknown.

    Lastly, be informed and be sure to vote!



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    Geoff Boden

    Dilip Tuniki is the only candidate that never picked up his signs. I still see then everywhere


    The election is still ongoing. Why would he need to remove his signs? The election is over next Tuesday.

    Rajul Patel

    Pat election any signs left over. Just notify them of the location on their Facebook pages

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