• Exposed: Johns Creek Mayor Office Corruption Scandal {Dirty South}

    By Staff
    December 1, 2019

    FOIAs documents expose campaign corruption at the highest levels of Municipal government: Johns Creek Mayor, Mike Bodker.

    A massive trove of documents displays scandalous behavior from Mayor Bodker and his executive aide, Craig Kidd. In an astonishing conflict of interest, text messages on city phones display their discussion of conspiring City Council candidates to run for the upcoming election. There is the misuse of government time, resources, and City property. Taxpayer's money is also left in Mayor Bodker's garage. Why? It's the Dirty South!

    Craig Kidd: Executive aide for Johns Creek Mayor

    Craig Kidd - Chief of Staff - Johns Creek Mayor

    Craig Kidd - Chief of Staff for Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker


    Craig Kidd makes 4X the salary of his boss Mayor Mike Bodker. The part-time Mayor has a full-time employee dedicated solely to him, with a base salary of $81K. $400 per month car allowance,  gym membership, health insurance, long term disability, dental, life, full 17% 403b match and profit-sharing retirement plan. Totaling taxpayers well over $120K.

    Bodker's "Chief of Staff" Craig Kidd is also the First Vice-Chairman of the Fulton County Republican Party. There was a significant increase in elected Democrats to Fulton county positions that occurred during Craig Kidd's 6 years as GOP Vice-Chair. Recently known as the 'Blue Wave'.

    Much of Craig Kidd's time during city hours using city property was spent scouting Democratic candidates to run for Johns Creek City Council seats.

    Craig Kidd: I spoke with Kausche’s aide. I think she and I will have a meeting this week to discuss November. 
    I imagine I will blow her mind. 
    Mike Bodker: Talked to Angelika Friday about the same topic she keeps getting no way from folks
    Mike Bodker: I hope we can trust her given that Stephanie was already telling people I want dems to run
    Craig Kidd: I presume that was a leftover from the Bradberry Horton race. 
    For the time being we will have to ignore the raw partisan talk. 
    It will be tough but long term it’s best. 
    Craig Kidd: If we can bring the chamber in on three November talks (sp. posts) 
    then Angelica will see how strong our intent is.
    Mike Bodker: Arts and chamber
    Mike Bodker: We need various Constituencies to align
    Craig Kidd: Already on that. The arts community is looking for a candidate. 
    I told them more than one. Sadly they put all their energy into Horton so when she passed, they were left flat footed. 
    Craig Kidd: I’m trying to get Baughman and Lynda Smith flaking. Somehow, they don’t know each other.

    Evidently, the Arts community followed Craig Kidd's advice. Both Altom and Thomas were in Post 4, opposing Chris Coughlin.  Lynda Smith of the CVB favored candidate Kent Altom. Below is another text string with Wayne Baughman from the Johns Creek Art Symphony Orchestra.

    Craig Kidd: Adam Thomas is awaiting your email. 
    Wayne Baughman: ?

    This raises troubling questions:

    • Why is a city employee trying to influence elections?
    • Why is a Republican Party Leader scouting Democrats?
    • Which party is his allegiance; Republican, Democrat or Corruptocrat?
    • City council seats are non-partisan; why is he partisan-ing?
    • Why is he doing GOP work during City employment with City property?

    Craig Kidd used a City laptop and City cell phone for these transactions. In just 3 months he visited over 13,000 webpages, much of it for non-related to the City of Johns Creek. Opposition research, GOP work, watching Youtube, reading the Shining, ESPN, personal emails, etc. This is in addition to several dozen hours of text messages and phone calls using city phones. Using city property for personal or political purposes is against the city charter.

    Craig Kidd is also the chief of staff, without staff. There is no one under his authority. Craig Kidd also panels a political podcast show with Hans Appen, of Appen News aka Johns Creek Herald. They are the City's official legal organ for public notices. They have a paywall to view the notices. Not truly a public notice...?.

    Although Craig Kidd's position is at the discretion of the mayor that does not circumvent him from following charter laws which are very clear about using government property for personal use or political use.

    From the Johns Creek City Charter

    Sec. 3.22. - Powers and duties of the mayor.
    (C) The mayor shall in his or her sole discretion appoint an executive aide to the mayor...
    The duties and responsibilities of the executive aide shall at all times be as set forth by the mayor provided that the duties and responsibilities relate to city business and at no time shall the executive aide conduct personal business for the mayor. The executive aide shall have the authority, upon the specific request of the mayor, to act on behalf of the mayor in the mayor's ceremonial or administrative capacity. The executive aide shall have no authority to act on behalf of the mayor in a legislative or executive capacity.

    Code of Ethics

    Sec. 2-262. - Prohibitions.
    (6) Use of public property. A member shall not use city property of any kind for other than officially approved activities, nor shall he or she direct city staff to use such property for these purposes... C. Purchase goods and services to be used for personal, business or political purposes;

    City Money in Bodker's Garage

    In an astonishing breach of protocol, Craig Kidd regularly leaves City checks in the garage for Bodker to sign. This seems an unprofessional way of handling city checks of vendors, payments, and expenses. Bodker is typically unavailable, too busy and not home, thus Craig Kidd leaves the checks for Bodker to sign and then picks them up another day. This clearly shows a lack of care in handling taxpayer money. Particularly with the uptick of mail theft and check washing and check fraud in the Atlanta area. Here is an example...

    Mike Bodker: Checks are signed and in garage

    Per the City Charter, Bodker is supposed to have regularly scheduled time to meet with the City Manager to handle the city business. Signing checks then would be an appropriate time. What is most concerning, Bodker once announced during a City Council meeting that he left his front door unlocked while away, and the Johns Creek Police notified him during a vacation check. He was touting the professionalism of the Johns Creek Police, well where is the Mayor's professionalism for the taxpayer's money?

    Secret Plans to Bring Cricket to Johns Creek

    The clear attempts to control votes seem to circle around economic development. They also seem to focus on secret plans to bring Cricket to Johns Creek. Bodker and Kidd use 'qt' as a code word to keep things quiet. On another text string with Cricket leader & RPAC board member Shafiq Jadavji over planning a dinner for President USA Cricket who was visiting Johns Creek. He reminded him the deal is not public record and not to invite people who will talk.

    Craig Kidd: Sadly his (Bodker) schedule is rough to make rsvps. Aggravating even. 
    Craig Kidd: Shafiq, do you think you have 25 people on your side. 
    Please remember that this deal is not public record so we dint want to invite people who will talk.
    Shafiq Jadavji: Let me call you shortly.

    There were texts regarding Brian Weaver and Erin Elwood as two candidates who are willing to align. Erin Elwood was recommended twice by the former opponent of Stephanie Endres in her last election, Chris Jackson. RPAC is Recreation Parks Advisory Committee and Chris Jackson is its Chairman. Naturally, he was probably appointed by Bodker.

    Update: Chris Jackson has written to the JCP that he was recommending to Craig Kidd another Erin E for the RPAC.

    Craig Kidd: I spoke to Major Weaver. He wants to be involved in any way. 
    He is open to any posting. RPAC just happened to be open. He says he is open to PC. It could be BZA, Arts, anything. 
    Craig Kidd: Talked to Chris Jackson. He does recc Erin E. And is still “in” the race. 
    He said he recently talked to his family, etc and is lining up things. He will call you next week.

    The South Asian American Democrats have been working to flip districts blue for 2020. They hosted a gathering on September 22nd for Brian Weaver and Erin Elwood.

    Does history repeat itself?

    Bodker was accused of this behavior of campaign meddling four years ago. The former City Council Candidate Nazeera Dawood's husband (J Raja Wisepearl) made a video speaking out. In the video, he discussed how Nazeera Dawood was recruited from the Democratic Party and coached to run as a conservative candidate. He did not like her being manipulated like a puppet, and the voters being deceived. Coincidently, Craig Kidd was Nazeera's Campaign manager.

    What is it at Stake?

    Lastly, the City Council has a lot of important things to vote on. Huge budget, lucrative contracts, zoning cases, and settlements. Above all, things certainly go easier when surrounded by YES-MEN.

    Using city resources to manipulate an Election is unacceptable. The election should be about who is going to best represent the residents. Not about aligning votes or keeping control and power over certain initiatives.

    There is much more to FOIA.

    Do you feel this is Corruption?

    Here is the definition...

    (def) Moral perversion; depravity. Perversion of integrity, dishonest proceedings.

    Source: FOIA - City of Johns Creek


    An investigation was conducted. Here is the report.

    Craig Kidd Johns Creek Investigation Report



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    Thomas Corrigan

    Thank you Johns Creek Post for bringing "light" to what we all suspected was an abuse of office and public resources for some time. The one constant that comes from all this behavior is the Mayor aka "Emperor" always, always treats the voting public as if they are DUMB! When this all blows up in his face and he actually has to work and be transparent.....then what?
    The Emperor has always viewed himself as the Master Manipulator, here you see it on display. The Mayor uses people as pawns to work the election, get votes on City Council. He behaves like these folks are "tissues" once he is done with them they are thrown away. This also shows how the Emperor probably has a room in his home that is a model of "Bodkerville" his version of Johns Creek with the "District" in it. No surprise or shock, just confirmation of the strange behavior of 14 years we have all witness.

    Donna Evans

    Thankful for truth being published as many are blind to what is “really in blind sight” ...we all need eyes to see !


    This explain why such unqualified candidates such as Erin Elwood and Adam Thomas get involved.
    They have no history of engagement or knowledge of any of the issues that need to be addressed.

    I’m Voting for Issure Yang. I know she cares for Johns Creek and wants it better for the residents.

    Rajul Patel

    Truly sorry and disappointing state of affairs.

    Rajul Patel

    I am voting for Dilip Tunki, Issure Yang and Chris Coughlin

    Patricia Hornsby

    OMG! This is appalling and shouldn't this be reported to the state attorney general. With all of the slimy activities going on in D. C., reading of Bodker's dealings/activities make me more suspicious of most elected officials. We can vote him out of office the next election! Thank you for posting this information to Nextdoor.

    Guy Rawlings

    Assuming these reports are true this is not only corrupt but also illegal!!


    The very intelligent and highly educated residents of Johns Creek deserve Officials who treat them honestly and with respect. This is wrong on so many levels. If candidates who are independent thinkers, informed on City issues and who truly have the best interests of the residents in mind are elected - Perhaps the Mayor will need to actually follow the City Charter instead of manipulating Council Votes and future elections.

    s krizan

    I'm just going to say it like it is , " Holy crap!"
    Everyone needs to be more aware of what's going on behind closed doors in this city ! We can't rely
    on the city telling us what's going on !


    Lock them up!

    A Fed Up John's Creek Voter

    The only mayor that this young city has known will be remembererd for selling out its residents at every turn.

    It has been a constant throughout Bodker's time in office whether his accomplices were Davenport, Lin, Broadbent or Zaprowski.

    If Bodker gets his favored candidates, Weaver, Cooper and Elwood, elected to council, the corruption continues.  It's time to pull the plug on Boss Bodker.

    I hope everyone will share this article on social media. We need to make sure that our neighbors know about this before they go to vote on Tuesday!!!

    Vote Coughlin, Tunki and Yang to put an end to this endless corruption.


    Please don't make the assumption that any of those 3 candidates are corrupt. It is a disservice to them. I have been involved in the campaigns and have seen how relentless and difficult campaigning is. People run for office because they are dedicated to improving their city. And as a point of information, no one was interested in running against Bodker in the last election, so here we are.

    In the runoff, less than 5000 people voted for their city councilmen. If you want to change a city, you have to get voters involved in the process.

    Terry Brown

    This can all be resolved in the next mayoral election!

    Ed Howell

    We never got the opportunity to vote for a candidate in the last mayoral election since the "so called election," basically never took place. Don't you remember there was a candidate (I don't even remember his name) who ran and then pulled the plug the last day that was possible so that we could not have any other candidate run in the election. So basically we really weren't given any opportunity to have anyone else run.
    So much damage can be done in such a short period of time.


    His name was Marchetti.

    Most politicians would prefer that we only gave them one review of how they are doing on their job once every four years. It is up to the residents to hold them accountable throughout that four years with feedback through Public Comments, emails, text messages or the media.

    Ideally, elected officials would hold themselves accountable. Each member on this Council has taken an oath to uphold the Charter, the Georgia Constitution and the US Constitution. It's unfortunate but too many elected officials feel that winning is more important than a principled set of beliefs.


    We all know Bodker is a master manipulator. There is no telling what he will do by the next election and who will be running on his behalf.

    We must encourage everyone to vote on December 3rd and vote for the right people.

    If we allow the Mayor's slate to win, we will have at least 2 more years of Bodker pushing his initiatives down our throats. Our Mayor will have the majority votes with Zaprowski, Weaver, Cooper, and Elwood.
    Weaver and Elwood have the support of the establishment and their liberal lemmings.
    Weaver is obviously being coached by Kidd and Elwood is being told what the issues are and has been "studying" to learn more about the issues.
    Cooper now has the support of the Bodker team. Negative campaigning didn't work for Altom and Thomas so, she has been trying to be "inclusive" to provide a "fresh" new voice. Have you seen her in the City Council Meetings? She is not inclusive and definitely not fresh!!

    Why would anyone want people who don't care about the city but about themselves and their own priorities?


    Do the right thing and vote for TUNKI, COUGHLIN, and YANG

    JC Politics Are SO Complicated

    And what about Craig Kidd’s late August 2019 lunch at Longhorns Steakhouse with Chamber of Commerce President KENT DAVIES to “discuss things”. That was just after candidates had signed up to run for Johns Creek City Council. Did Craig Kidd need to share “his information” about the candidates with Kent Davies?

    Also, what’s the deal with IRENE SANDERS of the JC PLANNING COMMISSION promoting the Bodker and Kidd choices of Weaver, Cooper, and Erin Elwood for JC City Council? Is this right for someone in her position?

    Also, I believe Angelica Kausche, our Georgia House Seat 50 elected official donated about $200 to Lenny Zaprowski in his last election cycle. Does this mean Lenny is a Democrat? If so, I guess he will not be supporting his fellow JC City Councilman, Jay Lin, in his quest to become the new Republican Georgia House Seat 50 official?

    Zane Edge

    How very interesting!! Zane Edge commenting here. Yes, I know my physical existence might come as a big shock to some clueless Bodker supporters. Do they live in THIS universe?

    Chuck Patel

    As as JC resident for the last 11 years, I've learned that if mayor che bodker wants something done, we citizens should oppose it 100 percent.

    He has zero trust of the citizenry purge than the stooges he helps elect. The man is pure poison and it's sickening that we are stuck with him.


    Have wonder for some time what was going on. I was beginning feel there was no way to bring back the community we envisioned when voting to create Johns Creek. It now is obvious, eliminate the position of mayors lacky, and recall Mike Bodker. Next order of business is to begin a campaign to recreate Milton Country and get Johns Creek out of the hands of the Atlanta Democrats. When an honest mayor is in place we can redo the working structure of the city to benefit the residents of the city not developers and contractors.


    Why is that man basking his wife like that. No husband would do that to his wife.


    It's past time that it stopped


    @Terry Brown, I am not certain we have the luxury of waiting until the next Mayoral election. We can only imagine what additional damage will be done to our City. Time for Mr. Bodker's reign of terror to end, NOW. He needs to be held responsible for his actions.


    If this is the case, and Weaver and Erin are part of the “bodker scheme,” shouldn’t they be removed from the ballot??


    It sounds like a Hollywood Blockbuster at this point!! Wow... I knew it was bad, but not this deep!


    why is this election about parties ? why aren't we voting for the best , ' honest ' candidate for the people for a change !
    This country is torn apart already ! We don't need more separation in Johns Creek . It's no wonder most don't vote in local elections .

    OG Thomas

    Marsha, I couldn't agree more. This should absolutely be about electing the best person for the job. The best person for post 6 is someone who is not a puppet and won't be pushed around by Bodker and his entourage. I am voting for Issure Yang and this is why:

    Starting with the revelations from this article: I find it interesting that Chris Jackson who was asked to run in the 2017 election against Stephanie Endres and LOST is the person recommending Erin Elwood.

    By all accounts, Jackson planned on running in this election but has had some family issues and decided not to run. Jackson came in clueless about the city when he ran against Endres, is that why he recommended Elwood? The clueless promoting the clueless:

    - Elwood is clueless about the city. Elwood did not attend a single meeting prior to running and she also admitted that she had to study up on city issues to get up to speed.

    - Elwood has the most far-left policies of any of the candidates.

    - Elwood brags about being a millennial that we cannot get to take a stance

    Now we know why Elwood has the support of several establishment "Republicans" – because of their allegiance with Kidd a la Bodker. I have heard their call for support for Elwood. It makes sense now. So, when Lynn Riley or Lenny Zaprowski or Chris Cupit (the close buddy and now mouthpiece of Lenny Zaprowski) tell you to vote for Elwood, you know why. Cupit needs roads to his outdated club. The members are aging and he needs more housing development in the area to hopefully help increase his membership. These sellouts aren't supporting Elwood, because she is the best candidate. They are supporting her, because she is going to vote the way they want her to vote. It is about maintaining power. Power should be with the people not with the establishment who want to win at any cost! The mayor and council should be servant leaders and not in it for themselves. These jobs should be about representation not self enrichment and self promotion.

    Zaprowski is supporting Elwood, not because he thinks she is a better candidate but because he still holds a grudge against Issure Yang. Ms. Yang came out of nowhere. I met her and watched her interact with people. She is the real deal. She is someone who is genuine, someone who cares about this city, and someone who will represent us. Zaprowski's true character came out during and after that election. He is a petulant man-child who votes based on the last person to influence him. He has no integrity.

    I hate to admit it now, but I voted for Zaprowski when he ran on the same ticket as Bodker and Davenport. The biggest mistake for Johns Creek was electing them and re-electing Bodker and Zaprowski has been the gift that keeps on giving. Their tenure can be summarized in just a few words: Billboards, High Density, and Dean Gardens.

    This partnership between Bodker/Kidd and the Democrats is sabotage and a betrayal of the voters and all purely for the tionspurpose of hanging on to power. I agree with the post above in which someone said that we need to share this all over social media. They are right. Our neighbors need to know about this!

    I knew that Elwood was going to be a contender when her mobilized liberal supporters voted and supported her no matter how little she knew. Elwood left the Thornhill debate, because she couldn't make the executive decision of hiring a babysitter. I am not going to trust her with bigger decisions. Elwood wants high-density everywhere, is willing to raise taxes to pay for services, but also wants affordable housing. She wants MARTA as the solution for our traffic woes. High Density will add to our traffic. Is that a roundabout way to get MARTA here? Elwood talks about green spaces, but wants to build everywhere!?!? She wants to have affordable housing but talks about Avalon-like housing for Johns Creek. What is it going to be? I can't even wrap my head around the conflicting positions. She's talking from both sides of her mouth.

    Her positions are flimsy and lacking in substance just like her website.

    Do we want another Bodker Puppet elected who is already motivated to change the city?

    HELL NO to Erin Elwood.

    I encourage everyone to vote for Issure Yang for Post 6 on Tuesday, December 3rd.

    Chris Coughlin

    To be fair to the Democrats, I was told about this attempt to solicit candidates from the Democrats in spring of this year to run against me. Angelika and team told me that there is no way they'd work to do that and would stay out of the city elections. I'm all for bipartisanship, but good on the Ds to not go along with this effort to work behind the scenes against elected members.


    Sorry, Chris, I disagree. The Democrats may not have interfered in your Post, but they are certainly interfering in Post 2 and in Post 6 by working with people in City Hall to push Brian Weaver and Erin Elwood.

    IMHO, neither Elwood nor Weaver are qualified and both are very ill-prepared.

    Beachie Hall

    This whole thing is a BUNCH OF HOOEY! ., and smells of what is going on in the US Congress. Don't you people have enough to do trying to make a living and taking care of your family and property? I don't wish to hear about private telephone conversations or about money in someone's garage. Our city seems to be running pretty well - certainly not EXACTLY how I would like it but well. Our Police seem to be protecting us, our roads are being cared for and all in all A VERY NICE TOWN so enjoy it , take care of your space and family, and VOTE, our only means of making a real statement.

    Important to Vote in your Local Elections

    You are absolutely right. We should be voting for the best, most qualified and honest candidate.

    -- Why is Kidd, a Republican, trying to bring in Democrats into the race? Is it so that he can ensure a win? He is spineless so, he is not going to care what policies they have as long as they vote in a block with Bodker
    -- Brian Weaver is one of the least knowledgable candidates ever to run for council. Being all in is not a good sign.
    -- MaryBeth Cooper is knowledgable but she is one of the least likable individuals you will ever meet. She is constantly conferring with Kidd
    -- Erin Elwood is one of the most far-left progressives we will see and she is running a tight-lipped campaign. We still don't know her true intentions for running. She is very light with her positions and does not answer anything directly

    Most don't vote in local elections because they don't feel that it is important. But it is one of the most important decisions you can make. Why do you think Kidd and Bodker are so hell-bent on keeping their power? It is a non-partisan race that they made partisan to try and get both sides. They want to ensure a win. That is why we should vote. We need to ensure the powerful are accountable.

    I guess someone needs to ask Kidd/Bodker, Weaver, and Elwood why we are making this about parties? It should be about what they will do to represent the city and the residents.

    Politics in Johns Creek is unnecessarily complicated because it been tainted by our leadership here.

    I am voting for the candidates that are going to best represent us.
    The Best, Honest, and Most Qualified candidates for each post are:
    Post 2 - Tunki
    Post 4 - Coughlin
    Post 6 - Yang

    Christine Austin

    Angelika Kausche has confirmed on her Facebook page that she was approached by the Mayor to recruit City Council candidates. Although Representative Kausche made it clear that she did not get involved, this does confirm that the Mayor has been attempting to interfere in City Council races by recruiting candidates while using City resources. I hope this is fully investigated and that those who were recruited are not elected tomorrow. We must end the corruption. Vote Tunki - Coughlin - Yang!


    I also applaud Representative Kausche for leading by example. One can only imagine how many told her this is how the game is played and this is what needs to be done to keep you in the game going forward.

    Our leaders should know that most voters abhor the types of games that so many politicians are willing to play. It's refreshing to see individuals say "No Thank You" to these efforts.


    Why is a city employee trying to influence elections?
      - Bodker
    Why is a Republican Party Leader scouting Democrats?
      - Bodker
    Which party is his allegiance; Republican, Democrat or Corruptocrat?
      - Bodker-RAT
    City council seats are non-partisan; why is he partisan-ing?
      - Bodker
    Why is he doing GOP work during City employment with City property?
      - Bodker

      - Weaver, Cooper, and Elwood

    OR... VOTE for the best candidates to represent Johns Creek!
      - Tunki, Couglin, and Yang

    Partisan Politics in JC

    What is clear is that Jay Lin will lose big time to incumbent Georgia State Representative Seat 50, Angelika Kausche, due to his “SILENT” performance on JC City Council. It was obvious that he never even read any of the materials he was given.


    As it has been stated above, VOTE tomorrow!!!!

    Make your voice heard and at the same time, finally end this corruption. And make sure that you tell your neighbors about this! Post it on Social Media too. Finally, everyone should be complaining about this to the state ethics commission aka the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission:


    200 Piedmont Ave., SE (James H. “Sloppy” Floyd Building)
    Suite 1416 – West Tower
    Atlanta, GA 30334

    Phone Number:


    First and foremost, get out there tomorrow and vote for Coughlin, Tunki and Yang!!!

    Chris Jackson

    I have never posted on this site and I was warned to just let it go by others and not respond when my name for some reason was brought into this article but when the information is absolutely incorrect, it is hard not to try and correct it and respond, especially when your kids are told about this and let you know and ask questions. So that it is 100% clear....I sent a note to EJ and he forwarded it to Jennifer today and I expect her….hope she will state that the information regarding me, was incorrect.

    When I was asked about my recommendation from Craig....It was for a different Erin E.....someone who had sent in an application for the RPAC and not a recommendation for Candidate Elwood and the CC Campaign. I am not sharing the correct Erin’s last name here as I do not think she wants to be included in this dialogue. I did not know Candidate Elwood at that time, which was prior to the CC Campaign starting and have only chatted with her once, which was at the Medlock debates. I have nothing against her personally and found her to be a very nice person when we chatted but I was NOT asked about recommending her from ANYONE....again, I was asked about my thoughts on potential RPAC candidates whom I had met and had discussions with. I did NOT recommend Candidate Elwood twice and again was not asked to recommend her. That is false information and as I stated, it was a completely different Erin.

    As far as the comment made of why I am on the RPAC, (as if it was a favor) and frankly, I see that as a slap in the face....I applied like everyone else and was selected based on my background of being the former Chair of the RPAC for the city of Woodstock...the former Chair of the Park and Rec Commission for Charlotte/Mecklenburg County....the former Co-Chair of the Parks Bond initiative in Mecklenburg County….a former leadership advisor to the Little Sugar Creek Greenway and someone who oversaw the opening and expansion of 31 Parks so far in my free and time consuming civic duties which I happily do. That is why I was chosen by the JCCC as well as elected Chair of the RPAC by the appointed RPAC Council. If this background is not good enough to be appointed to the RPAC based on your thoughts….then I stand corrected. I love living in this city but some of you make it very tough on me, my kids and my wife for no reason. It’s kind of sad….now go back to your fruitful discussions. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

    Appointee No Shows

    That right about the high absenteeism rate of Bodker appointees!!! Bodker appointed 26 people to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Committee and only about 8 would show up at the meetings!

    Also, why can’t Bodker appoint new people to the Planning Commission to give other residents a chance to serve their city? Chip Floyd and others have been on Planning Commission for years! In addition, the present Planning Commission members are fairly silent when it comes to discussing the reasons why they approve or disapprove a rezoning. It makes it look as though they put very little thought and time into reviewing cases and leaves residents wondering why they vote the way they do. Our city has the talent, why can’t Bodker choose better?

    Larry Darrell

    I am voting for Weaver. We want safety don’t we?

    I am voting for Weaver, Coughlin, and Yang

    Christine Austin

    Weaver? No thanks!

    Do you want to live in a police state? We are already one of the safest cities in the state. What are you willing to give up in order to be just a tiny bit safer?

    Cph Media

    He was elected the first mayor of Johns Creek, Ga., on Nov. 7, 2006. His term began on Dec. 1 of that year. In January 2018 he will be sworn into his fourth term as Mayor as he was just reelected this November.

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