• City Council Election Runoff - Vote Today

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    December 3, 2019
    City Council Election Runoff

    Vote Today! Election Runoff

    City Council Election Runoff - Vote Today.

    December 3rd, 2019 7am - 7pm.

    Johns Creek City Council Runoff Candidates

    Post 2:

    • Dilip Tunki
    • Brian Weaver

    Post 4:

    • Chris Coughlin
    • Marybeth Cooper

    Post 6:

    • Issure Yang
    • Erin Elwood

    Johns Creek Polling Locations

    Lastly, find your Polling Location here…

    This is the runoff from the November 5th, 2019 election.



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    Thanks for sharing useful information !

    Bleeding the Taxpayers

    Craig Kidd should be fired for his poor performance and violations of the city charter by using city time and city property for non-city of Johns Creek functions and interfering in city elections.

    Also, a replacement Secretary/Receptionist should be hired for about $35,000 as there is little actual work to do for a part-time mayor who has only one meeting every two weeks. This is no Chief-of-Staff position as there is NO staff reporting to Craig Kidd.

    It seems that Craig Kidd has not really figured out what his job is or should be for the ultimate benefit of the city. As a result, he is wasting his time and keeping himself busy at his ultimate love of being a political campaign manager.

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