• Johns Creek Art Center - Renaming?

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    April 1, 2020
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    If there is a common message the Johns Creek Post receives from Residents and businesses alike, its the diminishing beauty and increasing visual pollution. All whilst other nearby cities are making a concerted effort to improve aesthetics.

    Art is often thought to promote beauty, not degrade it.

    With some businesses closing left and right throughout the area, there are a few companies flourishing in Johns Creek.

    Can you guess which ones? Certain winners get "Free Advertising".

    Johns Creek Arts Center is considered a "Winner". Advertising for there camps, workshops and events seem constantly on nearly every billboard in Johns Creek. They receive tax dollars and 'donations' from Clear Channel and more.

    Government winners make the small business world more difficult for Mom & Pop businesses.

    Is renaming of the Johns Creek Arts Center appropriate?

    JC Art Center - renaming needed?With all the redundant advertising on every billboard in every area of Johns Creek, one has to wonder if perhaps there is a tax write off?

    Playing Field is not Level

    Private businesses are considered losers and they have to pay every which way. For their own advertising, marketing, taxes and more. Below are Johns Creek art businesses that don't receive these tax dollars or free advertising.

    Pinot's Palette in Johns Creek

    Kid's Create Studio in Johns Creek

    Masterpiece Mixers in Johns Creek

    Board and Brush in Johns Creek

    We wanted to list several others, but they have closed :/

    Georgia Taxpayers Pay for Billboard Advertising

    With all the budget-cutting and cost controls, one has to question why tax dollars and state tuition is spent on the below items.

    Clear Channel advertising

    These are just a few records found. Much $$$ more has been spent over the years and throughout the different departments within the state.

    Honestly ask yourself when was the last time you saw something on a billboard and said: "Gee, I need to pull the car over, look that up and buy it, register for that class or buy a ticket to that event"?

    Dirty Truth

    Politicians cozy up to the billboard companies and don't oppose them for fear of "negative campaign advertising" on the billboards.

    Year after year all that money spent on billboard advertising could have been spent on needed teachers, nurses or medics.

    Who is looking out for who?




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