• Reasons to Keep Kids Quarantined - Even without COV-19

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    April 2, 2020
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    Although Kids aren't the primary patient for getting COV-19, there are plenty of reasons to Keep Kids Quarantined. This is even without children suffering from COV-19 on a large scale, like adults are prone to do.

    Typical pediatric injuries such as broken bones, gashes, and wounds can send kids to the emergency room or urgent care clinic.

    Child in Hospital

    Child in Hospital

    Trampoline accidents and skateboarding are often the cause of such visits. Getting stitches and being in a confined place puts those family members at risk for contracting COV-19. As does X-rays, cat-scans and waiting around for results.

    X- Ray Photo by Harlie Raethel

    This is a good time to teach kids to play safely outside, as to not compound the medical system.

    In addition, while parents are at home, ensure chemicals, sharps, laundry pods and other dangerous items are locked away from children.



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