• #ObamaGate - Is this President Trump's crime evidence?

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    May 12, 2020
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    Here is an archived letter from Former President Obama, compared to a handwritten note.  This note (on bottom) from the FBI, was recently unsealed and released in the concocted case against former National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn.

    The FBI note states:

    What is our goal? Truth/admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?

    Obamagate evidence?

    Is this the evidence Trump is referring to?

    Moreover, President Trump continually refers to #spygate, now #obamagate, worse than the watergate scandal.

    In addition, here is a video of Trump, explaining why his Presidency will be different and receives so much resistance.

    Images sourced from Twitter.

    Not just National: Local Corruption, Campaign Meddling & Fear Tactics

    In Johns Creek some years ago, politicians and residents received a bizarre 'anonymous' letter. We compared the handwriting to FOIA documents of a candidate in that election and found striking similarities.

    Interestingly as an update, Craig Kidd, First Vice-Chairman of the Fulton County Republican Party appears to be a sheep in wolves clothes. FOIA documents recently obtained by the Johns Creek Post, EXPOSE Craig Kidd, scouting Democratic candidates to run for Johns Creek City Council seats.

    Consequently, voters everywhere are fatigued with the leadership class elected to multiple terms in office and fail to accomplish much. These Politicians focus too much on blame games, personal dramas, race card, or other campaign tactics which we are seeing. They need to exit the Political theater and return to private life. Allow others to step up and contribute as public servants to focus on the issues of importance and implement policies to achieve success for its constituents.
    In conclusion, political campaigns need to be about candidates deliberating which have better ideas for governance. Not spying, meddling, and fear tactics. Leave that to the communist countries.


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