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    October 8, 2020
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    In the midst of this seemingly never-ending pandemic, students in the Johns Creek area have taken initiatives to take action and help out the community to get through this crisis. From cookie fundraisers to raise money for personal protection equipment, to the letters written by students for the elderly, students were busy at work trying to make sure that we can cope with this pandemic together.

    StudentSolutions4COVID19 is a youth organization created by a Junior in Northview High School, named Yunhui(Valerie) Shim. She has been encouraging other students to contribute their ideas in solving problems big and small in our communities throughout the pandemic by using social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Web content informing others about the Coronavirus has been created by students and featured by StudentSolutions4COVID19, as well as the small fundraisers that she has been doing to bring goods and ear savers to local hospitals near Johns Creek.

    “Obstacles may hit us, but if we can stand back up after it has knocked us down, it will only make us stronger,” says Yunhui, the founder of StudentSolutions4COVID19. She hopes that the pandemic will end soon, and until then, she plans to continue encouraging other students to take action, and support frontline healthcare workers with snacks, PPE, ear savers, and letters prepared by the students of Johns Creek.

    Submitted by: Yunhui(Valerie) Shim



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