• Bombshell! Georgia's 106 MILLION Dollars for Voting System + Votes Can be EDITED

    By Staff
    November 11, 2020

    Bombshell! Georgia awarded $106 Million Dollars for Voting System.

    This equates to $20 per vote!

    According to the evaluation, the evaluators rated Dominion marginal and adequate on many of the queries.

    106 million for GA Dominion Voting

    Votes Can be EDITED Manually

    From the Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite: Results Tally and Reporting User Guide.

    (pictured is section 8.2 sub:6) page 42.

    Your Votes can be freely edited.

    Votes can be edited

    So if you could magically edit just three votes per voting location from Biden to Trump right now, it could subvertly tip the scale and change the actual winner. Three.

    How secure is Dominion?

    They seem to be using Microsft 2016 Operating System and Database.

    Within the Dominion Voting System Documents is the link to KnowInk Security Information.  The document was subsequently removed and has 404 errors on the page.

    Here is a screenshot of the KnowInk Security Information.

    Dominion Voting system - KnowInk Security Information

    Lastly, here are more documents.

    Supplemental Technical Response_Dominion and KNOWiNK - Redacted


    GASOS-Dominion Master Solution Purchase and Services Agreement Final 7-26-19 executed

    Dominion Voting Systems USA




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    Robert Donahue

    Replying to S: The states and counties that bought and use it clearly thought it was worth the money (including Georgia’s Republican administration).
    That and your other 2 questions are intended to show what?
    That American states and counties (run as often by Republicans as they are by Democrats) shouldn’t have elections? Who do you think pays for your voting equipment, etc., etc.?

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