• Lawsuit filed to establish Georgia SOS Litigation Settlement with Democratic Party - UNLAWFUL

    By Staff
    November 13, 2020

    Georgia SOS Lawsuit

    A lawsuit was filed today in Federal Court. Lin Wood seeks to establish the 3/6/20 Consent Agreement by Georgia Secretary of State, (Brad Raffensperger) rendered UNLAWFUL the 11/3 GA general election.

    The complaint is questioning the legality of the ligation Settlement with Democratic Party, Brad Raffensperger agreed too. It is alleged the conditions of the settlement to be not consistent with the law, by allowing the process of defective absentee ballots.

    Lin Wood seeks an injunction that prohibits certifying the results of the 2020 general election.

    Below are some screenshots. Here is the entire complaint: L. Wood v. Raffensperger lawsuit.

    lin wood lawsuit GA SOS


    lin wood lawsuit GA SOSlin wood lawsuit GA SOS

    lin wood lawsuit GA SOS

    Lastly, the entire complaint is here: L. Wood v. Raffensperger lawsuit.



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    Jerry Wilson

    So in Georgia they knew of a discrepancy of faulty voting on the presidential election but was denied before the election? They filed it in March of 2020? Very interesting, I can now see why president Trump is pissed about the faulty polls across the United states it's TRUE this really happened.

    B Emerson

    This law suit makes no sense because it’s complaining that the March Settlement agreement between the Republican Secretary of State and Democratic Party made it too difficult too for election officials to validate voter’s signature -by requiring the addition of 2 other election officials to review and by majority (2 of 3) agree to reject the voter’s signature as invalid and thus reject the voter’s ballot. Therefore such high quality standards mean every vote must be thrown out by way of not certifying the entire state of Georgia’s election. This is a frivolous lawsuit!

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