• Georgia Contract: Dominion allowed to JUDGE Votes?!

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    December 1, 2020
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    Dominion adjudication

    According to the Dominion - Master Solution Purchase and Services Agreement with Georgia Secretary of State. Dominion employees are granted the ability to judge votes. Within the Georgia Contract with Dominion, the section describing the Project Team of "key experienced staff".

    The System Technical Manager:

    "Shall work with the State’s elections staff, as well as the State’s IT staff, to install the certified EMS and adjudication system hardware. As part of this role, the systems configuration manager will evaluate the current environment at the County and provide recommendations for any changes required for configuration."

    Dominion Judges?

    Dominion employees allowed to JUDGE Votes? Does contract verbiage OVERWRITE GA State law? “Adjudication” is something that Dominion is allowed to do. Does that make it legal?  They are not judges. Do they have the right and/or authority to judge votes? The contract indicated a line item for 28 Adjudication Workstation Kits.

    Dominion Adjudication


    1) an act of adjudicating.
    2)  a. the act of a court in making a judgment or decree.
    b. a judicial decision or sentence.
    c. a court decree in bankruptcy.

    Attorney Lin Wood filed a complaint recently regarding Absentee Ballots. He asserts Georgia Election Laws and procedures are not being followed. Defective Ballots have specific directions. Why would contractor employees be allowed to review and adjudicate ballots - at all? Dominion published a manual on Adjudication User Guide.


    Arbiters of Truth

    Dominion included several ways to be Arbiters of Truth besides judging votes.

    Included in the contract is the description:

    "Closely control media and analyst communications to ensure accuracy of information dissemination."

    Destroy Data

    In Section 7.2.2,  Contractor further agrees that it shall:

    (d) At any time during the term of this Agreement at the State Entity’s written request, or upon termination of the expiration of this Agreement for any reason, Contractor shall instruct all authorized persons to promptly and securely return or destroy any and all State Entity data, whether in written, electronic, or other form of media.

    Dominion Site Visits

    Dominion requires a 5-day notice, for Site Visits.  In section 6.8:

     "Upon the giving of at least five (5) business days’ notice to Contractor, State Entity personnel shall have the right to visit the offices of Contractor and/or the Contractor Solution Partners in order to observe the performance of any Services at the sole cost of the applicable State Entity. The State Entities shall cooperate with Contractor to ensure that such site visits do not unreasonably interfere with Contractor’s normal business operations." 

    Data Exporting

    Dominion gives contractual notice, data may be exported,  in section 7.3.5:

    "Certain equipment, software, and technical data which may be provided hereunder may be subject to export and re-export controls under the U.S. Export Administration Regulations...."

    More Questions than Answers

    Lastly, more and more questions about the Dominion Contract legality are being asked. Former Johns Creek City Councilman, Brad Raffensperger has been quiet regarding the $106 million contract, he shepherded in since his term as Secretary of State began in January 2019.

    Source: Georgia Secretary of State




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