• *Fraudulent* Voting: Security Video of Fulton County, Georgia

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    December 3, 2020
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    Hidden Ballots in Georgia

    Below are the Security Videos of Fulton County, Georgia. Evidence was just presented at the Senate hearings. 18K+ *fraudulent* votes run through tabulators after everyone else was MADE TO LEAVE.

    Boxes of Ballots are Hidden

    Georgia Ballot counting center video footage shows several nefarious acts: A Lady told Republican watchers (and everyone) to leave for the night. A group of 4 or so staying behind.  Ballots being PULLED OUT from under a table and counting CONTINUING with no witnesses.

    This is as close to a *smoking gun* as you're going to get from arena security cams. WATCH!



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    JD Walker

    Unable to play the Georgia state Senate hearing video regarding massive voter fraud in Georgia. Have leftists/Democrats censored it or what?

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