• Bizarre explosion crash in Georgia - kills Harrison Deal

    By Staff
    December 5, 2020

    An apparent car crash in Georgia - kills Harrison Deal. He was a staffer for Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler. Harrison Deal was also dating Gov Kemp's daughter.

    Neighbors in the area described the accident as an explosion. On the Pooler Police Dept social media, several residents commented they heard a LOUD EXPLOSION. 

    explosion crash in Georgia - kills Harrison Deal
    explosion crash in Georgia - kills Harrison Deal

    Here is the video fiery accident.




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    Mr and Mrs America

    Car bomb...that's the damage a bomb does!!!



    Connie Fisher

    How terrible. Have politics turned a terrible corner in Amarica? How could this be some kind of car defect?


    Looks like something out of Iraq, There's no way that was a car accident. It was a timed- or remote-detonated bomb

    Joan McDaniel

    Somebody obviously knew too much... This is old school gangster activity, only the gangsters are political.

    Barbara Jones

    My this sounds & looks like a bomb destroying a car!


    When have you heard of a car just exploding, in the US? This was right after the Georgia Govenor was supporting Trump that the ballots from under the table looked suspicious. Are people this stupid?




    I live a quarter mile from the accident. You can hear every car drive by on I-16. There is no sound proofing fence and there are almost no trees between the highway and where these people live, so the highway sounds like it’s in your backyard. A major, violent car accident sounds like an explosion, or at least that is how the average person would describe it. It’s also a notoriously bad section of highway for fatal accidents. In summary, this is much more likely a tragedy and not a vast conspiracy.

    Jim Lahey

    The engine is gone, the entire front suspension is gone, the front quarter-panels are gone, The radiator is gone. The front bumper support is gone. The passenger side doors were blown yards away it looks like.... the driver door was blown forward the firewall.

    *****Even if you took full gas tanks of both vehicles, placed them under the engine of the jeep and ignited both of them at the same time with an electrical spark it would not do this kind of damage. The fuel would disperse far too quickly being ignited out of a plastic fuel tank*****

    I don't think people understand how much force would be required to rip the engine off of the transmission, off of the engine mounts and out of the vehicle far enough to not be visible in this picture... a FIVE HUNDRED PLUS POUND FULLY-DRESSED ENGINE ATTACHED WITH GRADE 10.9 AUTOMOTIVE BOLTS.

    This was a bomb, period. No conspiracy theory, no tin foil hat, this was 100% a bomb. You can either accept that and what the implications of this mean as far as the Georgia State Government are concerned..... or you can bury your head in the sand and wait for the results of assassinations, coercion and Bolshevism to show up at your door.

    Oh, and when they do show up at your door, take you away and order you to get on the train, don't believe them when they tell you the train is going to Disney World.

    Eric Holly

    And you wonder why Kemp won't fight for Trump? This was a warning to Kemp. Folks, we are in the midst of a covert Communist coup.


    So sad and infuriates me. The deep state was clearly sending a message to Kemp and Loeffler. They took a young man's life! If you can't see that then you are more blind than Stevie Wonder!

    lamont cranston

    Drove by it Wednesday. No skid marks...accident???

    Elizabeth Lois Marsden

    We are in the beginning of an Obama communist Coup. May God do so to Obama and more so. . Miserable excuse for a human being.

    E. Marsden


    The bomb was planted to kill Deal. This was a message to dirty CCP Kemp & Loeffler! The old Obama administration is behind this.


    So are the Pooler Police in on this too? The truck driver wasn't issued a ticket ? Where was he delivering these random tubes tied on the back? Very light load or was that so he could speed up? I can't believe the press doesn't see anything wrong with this and are just as willing to sweep under the rug. All this because Harrison shared a zoom call of the truth?

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