• Sick UNMASKED Politician FLIPS OUT at Georgia Council Meeting

    By Staff
    February 25, 2021

    After nearly four hours of meetings, an UNMASKED Politician discloses he is sick. When questioned about why he is there - he gets angry!

    The shocking events happened at the end of a Johns Creek, Georgia Council Meeting. Mayor Bodker requests Bradberry to put on his mask. Bradberry states his daughter has Strep Throat and he likely has it as well and doesn't feel well.

    Councilman John Bradberry admits to briefly leaving the meeting early to take medicine and still feels sick.

    There are many similar symptoms between Strep and Covid-19. 

    Councilwoman Stephanie Endres questioned why he remained in the meeting when he was feeling unwell. Particularly after Mayor Bodker requested for people not to attend the meeting if they were sick or exposed to illness. Councilwoman Erin Elwood Councilman Brian Weaver stayed home and zoomed into the meeting. Why did Bradberry insist on attending?

    Council Elwood - Weaver Zoom into the meeting

    Councilman Bradberry snapped at Endres and stated he was "Appalled".  After slamming his device down - he storms out of the meeting. He then zooms into the meeting from his car for the executive session.

    Bradberry Zooms from his Car

    As the meeting concludes Councilman Chris Coughlin comments that he'd like the council members to make an effort to get along for the year 2021. Councilman Bradberry replied that requires a certain minimum level of respect, umm a certain minimum level of just not acting..heavy.

    Was Bradberry's behavior a result of the Illness? Or just his usual demeanor on display when questioned? Either way, his lack of consideration and respect for others is not only unbecoming but unethical for a public official.

    Source: City of Johns Creek




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    JC Dreams of a Better Day

    Call off the Fall Elections! Looks like we have found a politician to replace Bodker with just about the same irrational temperament..

    If you are sick, stay home. If you have been exposed to someone sick, stay home, How difficult is that?


    Umm why are you attacking john Bradberry? Seems like there is more to this than you are reporting more of a personal attack. EVERYONE is socially distanced, masks are available, he started feeling unwell within last hour of meeting, move on karen

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