• Fulton County Commissioner Calls Not Renewing Happy Faces Temp Firm Contract...Wait For It...Racist...Contract Renewed

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    July 14, 2021
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    Eye Witness Account Of Probable Criminal Behavior By Happy Face Temp Employees (Financed By Stacey Abrams) During GA 2020 Election Cycle

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    Happy Faces temporary staffing agency has been awarded a contract extension with Fulton County, GA for the next election cycle.

    CDMedia and The Georgia Record reported on witnessed criminal behavior by Happy Faces personnel during the 2020 election cycle in Fulton.

    Yesterday VoterGA.org's Garland Favorito disclosed criminally altered 'tally sheets' during the recount of the November 3rd poll. He said the suspicion was the crimes were committed by Happy Faces personnel. The identities of the signatures on the forms posted on the GA Secretary of State website were redacted.

    Democratic operative Stacey Abrams was connected to Happy Faces via financing from Now Account, of which she owns 16%.

    Democrat Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman called not renewing the contract 'racist' during the deliberations in front of the board meeting today. The Democrat also said there was a risk of not being able to find enough employees for the coming election due to 'labor shortages'. She neglected to mention that the labor shortage is due to the Biden administration paying people not to work.

    The following is the item before the Commission which passed 4-3.

    21-0328 Request approval of a statewide contract - Registration and Elections, SWC99999-001-SPD0000136-0003, Temporary Staffing - Clerical & Light Industrial in an amount not to exceed $7,744,880.00 with Happy Faces Personnel Group, Inc. (Tucker, GA) to provide temporary staffing services for the Department of Registration and Elections 2021 Elections. Effective upon BOC approval through December 31, 2021. (MOTION TO APPROVE FAILED ON 5/19/21 AND 6/2/21) (REMOVED ON 6/16/21)

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