• Brad Raffensperger: Election Fraud-Fighting Super Hero

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    July 25, 2021

    GA SoS Tells Whoppers In Political Speech To Rural Audience

    Brad Raffensperger - Election Fraud Super Hero
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    Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told some whoppers this week to a rural audience in Fitzgerald. Luckily, some local patriots filmed the event and sent the video to The Georgia Record.

    Raffensperger really does think you are stupid.

    The audio is not great but you can hear it all if you listen close enough.

    Brad wants you to think he is an election fraud-fighting super hero. He's not of course. He's just the opposite - an election fraud super villain, who will now say anything to get re-elected and continue the fraud.

    Here are some examples of the whoppers Brad tells:

    1. In 2019 he helped pass HV 316 which provides a verifiable paper ballot which then allows audits - WRONG - the ballots provided are not verifiable according to VoterGA.org. The only thing the machines provide is paper with a QR code, which is not the original ballot and not verifiable.
    2. HB 316 'outlawed' ballot harvesting. That may be true but Brad neglects to tell you he fraudulently and unconstitutionally made a deal with Democrat operative Stacey Abrams which negated any progress in the bill. This 'consent decree' was kept secret even from the GA legislature until after Nov 3rd. Brad says HB 316 prevented people from 'driving up and down the street picking up absentee ballots'. Brad neglects to tell you his consent decree allowed just that - drop boxes to be set up all over GA which were not monitored; chain of custody documentation for over 300k ballots is missing.
    3. Brad incredulously brings up election reform cases in Arizona where courts recently gave a favorable ruling. Brad neglects to mention the election audit in Maricopa County which has shown massive fraud already (final report is not out which will be damning) in the 2020 election. Brad even says he will take the fight to the DOJ in their lawsuit against HB 202 (GA's election reform bill) and push to the Supreme Court. Brad neglects to tell you this is the same court system that refused to hear any 2020 election fraud case on the merits, preferring to dismiss on standing. Brad says HB 202 will prevent 'out of precinct voting' which is exactly what Brad allowed in GA in 2020.
    4. Brad says he 'recounted' all 5M ballots cast in 2020 in GA. He neglects to tell you he opposed a full forensic audit where counterfeit ballots and machine-vote-altering would be discovered.

    Brad then goes on to brag he is going to take the ability to run elections away from Fulton County, where everyone knows there was fraud. This is the pot calling the kettle black. Brad prevented examination of Dominion machines across the state in 2020, even sending armed personnel to threaten county officials. Results of Brad's 'audit' have been shown to be fraudulent with documents (tally sheets) POSTED ON THE SECRETARY OF STATE'S website. Brad has fought VoterGA tooth and nail to actually scan the mail-in ballots in Fulton County at the level needed to detect counterfeit ballots, even filing a deceitful amicus brief.

    But the stunner in the above video, is when Brad brags he may take over elections across the state of GA.

    GA voters should be afraid, be very afraid of Brad Raffensperger getting re-elected.

    We have multiple Open Records Request in GA and they cost big money…We need your help to continue pushing! Please help us keep up the fight!



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    Time to prosecute this traitor and his cohorts in election fraud...Fuchs, Kemp, Sterling . WE the People demand justice.

    Lon Spector

    Mr. "R" is a sack of s--it.

    Barry Smith

    Did Brad Raffensperger do something to prevent Jody Hice from getting elected? Hice is a pastor and a fine good representative.

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