• Savannah (Chatham County) GOP Acting Like East Germany

    By Staff
    July 27, 2021
    Savannah GOP Acting Like East Germany
    East German policemen stand atop a section of the Berlin Wall at sunset

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    Savannah citizen journalists spill the beans below on how the Chatham County GOP uses repressive tactics to remain in power.

    The unelected Executive Board of the Chatham County Republican Party held a county committee meeting Thursday night. It was rescheduled from last week’s ‘last minute cancellation’ due to the party’s inability to find a location. Of course, many people had their schedules impacted by the party’s lack of management and were absent this week.

    For weeks, members had been asking how to support the organization of the party regarding voting precincts. No answer regarding procedures and a desire to support was given. No guidance given regarding recruitment or filling vacancies. No precinct has turned in an action plan, as bylaws require by April 20th.

    Party organization is low low low priority. This is evidenced by the fact that the party had brought in exactly ZERO Precinct Chairmen since March 20th. There are 94 voting precincts in Chatham and the GOP only has 52 currently staffed. 42 are empty. For perspective, massive Cobb County GOP is only missing four Precinct Chairmen. Chatham GOP fails again!

    Thursday night much of the board had clearly worked hard for days gathering proxy votes from absent committee members, but alas had not released the proxy information to the entire committee until a mere 48 hours prior. Bylaws require it to be released with the call for the meeting ten days prior.

    The party pushed in 54 AT-LARGE NEW COMMITTEE MEMBERS without even providing the list to all committee members. There were no copies of the list available, nor was the list publicly read until after a bunch of rhetoric was shared AFTER THE VOTING.

    The committee has now been stuffed full of members without a party role. They have no jobs, only as essentially just ‘honored voters.’ Only nine seats are left for 42 Precinct Chairmen being actively scouted by strong Republicans. That places this neighborhood talent on the outside of the party, instead of the critical core.

    In order for them to be allowed in, there needs to be a 2/3rds vote of the committee to expand the size of the committee. The expectation is they will not elect to expand the party to allow them in and the precincts will remain unorganized. Their seats have already been taken once.

    The 54 people were nominated and elected WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT to two-year committee positions with time commitment. This is totally against Robert’s Rules of Order, which is a governing document for the Chatham County Republican Party. 66A - No one should be nominated without his or her consent. And, therefore, no one should be ELECTED without their consent. This opens up each one and their family to scrutiny and potentially some forms of harassment. Understandably, many of these new at-large electors are furious.

    Prove us wrong, GOP.

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    Great work. Damn good reporting!

    Barbara Aldrich

    This is socialism

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