• Georgia SOS Candidate Challenging Raffensperger Charged $100K For Election Records Requests

    By Staff
    July 30, 2021

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    The Georgia Secretary of State Office is charging David Belle Isle, a Republican challenging Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) in next year’s election, more than $100,000 and a wait time of more than half a year to receive election records Belle Isle formally requested from Raffensperger’s office.

    In emails obtained by Breitbart News, Raffensperger’s office assessed Belle Isle’s open records request would cost a combined total of $105,897 and an estimated 230 business days to accommodate, and that — even with the cost and timeframe — his office would not be able to meet all of Belle Isle’s demands.

    Additionally, 230 business days from the time of the secretary of state emails means the office’s response would not come until early June, two weeks after next year’s secretary of state primary election, which is slated for May 24, 2022...

    To read more visit Breitbart.

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    Politicians, Republicans and Democrats, have no interest in finding the truth because the Uniparty is interested only in power.

    The courts from the lowest municipal to SCOTUS are interested in the status quo. They protect themselves rather than the people. They drag cases out to wear out those seeking justice.

    The media are mouthpieces and Big Tech are the puppeteers behind politicians.

    The only people we can rely on now are WE THE PEOPLE. And even there those indoctrinated by the Marxists hate our country.


    Oh they know the truth. That's the problem.


    Get Judicial Watch or Steven Miller's group to file a FOIA request. Might speed it up.

    Daniel S.

    This is a tactic that is commonly employed when they don't want to release any records, and it needs to be illegal. Any fees charged need to be in line with all other search fees. This needs to be challenged in court.

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