• GA Citizens File Lawsuit In Cobb County Grand Jury

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    July 31, 2021
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    Editor's Note - Project Opal is in no way connected to Cobb County. The lawsuit was simply first filed in the Cobb County jurisdiction.

    GA concerned citizens have filed suit to the foreman of the Cobb County, GA grand jury in an election fraud case. 'Project Opal' is made up of 30 people who have filed open records requests for a massive amount of information, paid thousands of dollars for this information from GA officials, and have audited the data, finding large irregularities.

    Or as we say in the South -- election fraud.

    You can watch a recent video explanation here from Real America's Voice.

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    Forcing people to pay for information they already pay to be collected and stored is just one more deliberate hinderance to the people exercising the control over the government.

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