• Fulton County Will Overcharge Jurisdictions For 2021 Elections And Cities Go Right Along

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    August 3, 2021
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    Fulton County Will Overcharge Atlanta Cities For 2021 Elections And Cities Go Right Along
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    The Fulton County jurisdictions who have entered into an agreement with Fulton County to conduct their municipal elections this year, will not be saving the taxpayers any money, nor will they be receiving a refund or "truing up" after the election, as done previously. We make this statement based on this year's Intergovernmental agreement or 'IGA" which you can read in full on the PDF tab below.

    The City of Milton is the only city in North Fulton as of 8/1 who has not yet signed the contract with Fulton County Board of Elections to conduct their municipal election in November 2021.

    Monday night, 8/2 the Milton City Council heard from city staff on their recommendation to enter into this contract with Fulton County Board of Elections once again, or to save their city and its residents thousands of dollar by conducting their own municipal election.

    In 2019 the projected election cost for the City of Milton's IGA was $84,724.

    After the election, the County reconciled actual expenses to the original projections and Milton received a refund of $42,965.53. The final cost of the election cost the city of Milton $41,758.47

    The IGA with Fulton Board of Elections for this year will cost Milton a flat rate in the amount of $ 84,671 which Milton and all the other cities pay up front.  Previously, provisions for reimbursement were based on actual costs to conduct the election.

    What is the reason Fulton County Board of Elections is no longer reimbursing the cities after the election?

    Why have other cities in Fulton County not questioned or resisted this year's IGA given there is no provision to reimburse county jurisdictions after the election for costs?

    How is the Fulton County Board of Elections justifying the flat rate when the cost to conduct the November 2021 election is basically the same as the election in 2019?

    Milton's municipal elections usually have low voter turnout, an estimated 3,000 voters. If the city of Milton agrees to this IGA the city will be paying the Fulton County Board of Elections 2x the cost of the 2019 municipal election.  

    It appears no provision for reimbursement based on actual costs is in the current IGA for any of the cities in Fulton County.  Milton has 28,605 registered voters.  The city will pay Fulton County Board of Elections $84,671 for this upcoming election. Should there be a run off an additional cost of $70,368 would be charged. The potential total cost for Milton’s November 2021 Municipal election could total $155,039 dollars with voter turn-out estimated of 3,000 Based on historical numbers.

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