• Judge Amero Drags Out Fulton County Election Fraud Case For Another 38 Days

    By Staff
    August 13, 2021
    LIVESTREAM: Fulton County Attorneys Try And Claim Sovereign Immunity In GA Election Fraud Case…

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    Henry County Judge Amero issued a surprise ruling in the Fulton County mail-in ballot inspection case spearheaded by Garland Favorito of VoterGA.org.

    Amero was expected to issue a ruling to allow the ballot inspection to continue at a higher level of imagery than previously used to detect counterfeit ballots. Instead, he ordered a hearing on Sept 20th, 38 days from now.

    The ruling is a set back for those wishing to prove election fraud occurred in the 2020 election in the state of Georgia. Amero seems to be running out the clock.

    Amero allowed 'progressive' law firm Perkins Coie to Pro-hac vice (join the case from out of state) in the Michael Daugherty election legality complaint and then dismissed the case in recent weeks. This ruling we understand will be appealed by Daugherty.

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    Anthony Lovato

    Amero as an honorable man, informed man in this nations troubled time would realize a fast track to solving the who and how election fraud and voter fraud disrupted election integrity.


    Is every judge bought off........and the big question......."what is the justification" for dismissing and postponing? How about reporting ALL.....

    we want to know

    Exactly, Why? I think they are all bought off. No judge worth their salt would delay this type of thing. Why did it go to a judge outside of Fulton? Are all Fulton judges bought off to?


    Justice delayed is justice denied.

    Brian D. Patriot

    When are we going to acknowledge the fact that this country is no longer what we hope it can be? The courts are compromised beyond repair and with that goes the rule of law. Either we rise up as one against the corruption or we will continue to watch it crumble before us. An impossible task give the surveillance state of today's society. Our children and grandchildren will pay dearly for our inaction. Unless a miracle comes in the very near future, this is the way of our new Communist regime. Justice is a thing of the past...sadly.

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