• Elderly Patient Says Emory University Hospital Midtown Denied Outpatient Medical Care Over Refusal To Vax/PCR Test

    By Staff
    August 17, 2021
    Emory University Hospital - Midtown, Atlanta, GA
    Image by Warren LeMay 

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    The following is a statement we received today from the daughter of an elderly woman who has been a patient at Emory University Midtown Hospital for decades. We spoke to the mother also and verified her side of the story. We tried to contact Emory Hospital and are waiting on a response.


    So mom is in her 70s, long time patient at Emory Midtown. Saw one of her docs there last week no problem. Called today to make an appointment with another of her doctors, a Specialist in the Medical Office Tower of Emory University Hospital Midtown. Phone screener said, I have a few questions for you. Mom said ok, shoot.

    Are you vaccinated?

    No. Why would you even ask that?

    You either have to be vaccinated or take a COVID test when you get here.

    What kind of covid test? One of those ones that goes all the way up to your brain?

    Yes, a PCR test.

    I had one of those before, because of all my breathing issues it caused me a lot of pain. I don't consent to that test, which is my choice.

    Well then you won't be able to come see the doctor.

    You can't do that.

    Well, that's our policy Ma'am.

    Whose policy? I want to talk to whoever made that policy.

    Well Ma'am, you can't come here if you aren't vaccinated or have a PCR test when you get here. I'll tell the doctor's office you won't do either and I'll have them call you if they decide to change what I've told you. click

    Mom has severe health issues and needs to see her doctor. They are willing to let her go untreated because she chooses not to get the jab or have a carcinogen soaked qtip stuck up to her brain. Which is exponentially more deadly than covid given her conditions.

    They would rather she stay home and deteriorate after being a patient there for decades.

    First do no harm, right????

    Editor's Note - we spoke with Emory Healthcare and were told it depends on the specialty as to whether or not vaccine/PCR Test is required.

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    People need to organize and march oitside the hospital to bring awareness. Embarrass the hospital.

    Chip Block

    People are dying from the vaccines. The PCR tests have been exposed to be skewered - multiple cycles to produce a false positive. The test also cannot differentiate between types of viruses. Refusal of medical care is an egregious irresponsibility that could end in various conditions up to and including death.. The hospital should be sued. Only problem with that is that the justice system is also corrupt and politicized.

    Jon Johnson

    Sue the stinking crap out of the eugenicists. If lawsuits don't work, make sure they never drive a vehicle again. They have to park them somewhere when they aren't in them, keep destroying them, maybe their homes too, and they'll start getting the point that we don't want their subjugation and tyranny.


    It's been my experience that in many, many cases you're better off NOT seeing a doctor. There are so many incompetent medical people I couldn't believe it when my wife started having problems years ago. We have had more incompetent doctors than competent. It's a real eye-opener and a shame. All they know is "cut it out, or drug it with harmful chemicals."


    Good and cheap remedies such as hydroxychlorquine and the vitamin therapy were slammed by pro-vaxers so they could get emergency use approval for vaccine production. It is a money making big pharma industry. Many investing in vaccine and Emory. Follow the money

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