• Georgia’s University System Rejects Health Mandate Pressures

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    September 10, 2021
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    Freedom-Minded Georgia Families enjoyed a major victory on the morning of September 9th. The University Systems of Georgia, governed by the Board of Regents, decided once again to not impose mask or vaccine mandates on the 26 Georgia campuses and 389 public libraries within its system despite another noisy round of leftist pressure. 

    To further grasp the scope and impact, the USG has over 330,000 students enrolled and has over 150,000 positions on payroll. The budget for 2021 stands at $8.1 billion. The USG includes Colleges and Universities, the Georgia Public Library Service, and the Georgia Archives.

    Supportive calls and petitions to influence this win arose from several groups, to include Atlanta Tea Party Patriots, Republicans advocating for universities, health experts, and home-grown grassroots activists throughout the state. Because of their efforts and the sound decision of the eighteen Regents, appointed by Governors Deal & Kemp, and their Chancellor, the fear-generating leftists have been sent to their ‘mob corner’ once again. 

    NPR Atlanta gives their spin, and always cites the CDC.

    Blake W. Bassham, Chairman of the University of North Georgia Young Republicans circulated a Press Release, which represents the strong arguments and excellent show from young conservatives.

    The home of Georgia’s EAGLE NATION celebrates freedom every day. The students of Georgia must have the guardian support of their elders in their quest for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

    To send a follow-on message to the Chancellor, you may call Teresa MacCartney at 404-962-3049 or email her at [email protected]. Learn more about the University System of Georgia here: https://www.usg.edu/regents/

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