• Gannett/USA Today Subsidiary Requires News Be Vetted By The Government Before Publishing

    By Staff
    September 13, 2021

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    The international community relies on the exchange of ideas and the irresistible hope the free world offers, yet our United States of America is suffering from heavily censored mass media and social media platforms. Many U.S. citizens who share views that are traditional or conservative experience cancellation or retribution, while millions more are left in the dark on critical issues. This is often because their local media is miserably failing to bring them integrity-based reporting.

    It is not everyday that we get to see behind the ‘curtain’ to the process and mindset of the liberal media who seem increasingly beholden to government-controlled information. However, a citizen exchange with staff of the Savannah Morning News, operated by Gannett/USA TODAY Network, provides rare insight.

    The opportunity arose as a result of a response to a public hearing of the Savannah Chatham County Public School System (SCCPSS) on September 8th. Superintendent Dr. Ann Levett recently imposed a mask mandate to supposedly address student and faculty health risks. Because she did so without Board vote, saying mandating masks was like calling a ‘snow day,’ many parents, teachers, and property owners have been engaging in another round of petitions and protest. 

    An expert witness grandmother, with two masters degrees in education and pharmacoeconomics, has undertaken great effort to directly deliver substantive science to School Board representatives within SCCPSS. After all, the local line is, “We’ve got to follow the science and the CDC.” Before her challenging and well-researched speech, the Savannah Morning News reporter on the scene collected her information for a follow-on interview. Local WSAV news featured part of her expert testimony on the evening news as a significant perspective from the hearing. 

    However, when Savannah Morning News released their story the following day, the testimony of this citizen was absent from the article. Four citizens had engaged at the hearing, and the paper had chosen to cover the three non-experts whose remarks lacked research-based data and insight.

    When a concerned citizen requested the article be corrected, the News Editor, Andria Segedy, of the Savannah Morning News returned an alarming reply. The ethical principles of the company seem to be brushed aside to maintain the current government political narratives. See the published ethical conduct standards here.  

    The response of Andria Segedy may have been intended for internal office business. Regardless, it is a brazen censorship of this expert testimony because it 'might' not be the official government stance of the Chatham County Department of Public Health.


    Sent: Friday, September 10, 2021 9:24 AM

    To: Augsdorfer, Barbara <[email protected]>; Nussbaum, Katie <[email protected]>; Cash, Rana <[email protected]>; Segedy, Andria <[email protected]>

    Subject: CORRECTION REQUEST: Expert eliminated from School Board coverage

    Good morning,

    A large group of people have been following your coverage of the School Board meeting held on September 8th, and have read the article by Barb Augsdorfer. WSAV provided coverage as well. 

    However, it was surprising that the major EXPERT SPEAKER was completely absent from your article. This woman, Beth Majeroni, is a resident of Chatham County. Her testimony was clearly spoken and logical. She has advanced degrees in both education and pharmacoeconomics. Don't the people of this area deserve to hear the opinions of experts? What an opportunity for you to put this forth to your followers!

    We respectfully request that you amend the article immediately to include her representative testimony. To make it easier for you to do so, here is a trimmed video of her portion of the public hearing. Feel free to include the entire video in your piece to save time.

    For Liberty,

    A Concerned Citizen


    On Fri, Sep 10, 2021 at 10:59 AM, Segedy, Andria <[email protected]> wrote:


    cc all

    You should ask Dr. Lawton Davis from Chatham Health Department what he thinks of these comments. You also noted in the story text what the CDC had to say about wearing masks.

    It might be her research, but research needs to be independently vetted before released to the public. I'm not sure her has gone through that process.

    I would not change your story at this point, you don't need to write about every speaker at the board meetings.

    I'll think of an appropriate response to her.



    Andria Segedy


    News Coordinator

    Savannah Morning News

    Bryan County Now


    Saturday, September 11th, 2021 at 6:38 PM :


    You are saying that the health department must vet the public comments of public experts to School Boards.

    This is news of its own! Wow!

    No - research does not need to be independently vetted before it is shared. She referenced her articles.

    They just do not seem to agree with your corporate paradigm of government obedience.

    This is the opposite of free press. The government does not have to vet the free press.

    You’ve left America and moved to a government island. Perhaps, you should all seek positions in Cuba or China.

    -A Concerned Citizen

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    J Locklair

    Thanks to Ratsfensperger ,Kemp,Duncan, Carr, Pitts and Abrams , Georgia is now the Communist State formerly known as Georgia, one of many communist states that form the USSA, or United Socialist States of America?

    Eli Dumitru

    Your article seems to be missing something. There is a letter from a concerned citizen to Barbara. Then there is a letter from Andria to Barbara, saying "I’ll think of an appropriate response to her." And then there is the reply from the concerned citizen, but I don't see the "appropriate response to her" that the concerned citizen is replying to.

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