• Fulton County Attorney Donald Samuel Uses 'Alternative Facts' To Sway Judge Amero To Issue Stay In GA Election Fraud Case

    By Staff
    September 20, 2021
    Fulton County Attorney Donald Samuel Uses 'Alternative Facts' To Sway Judge Amero To Issue Stay In GA Election Fraud Case
    Donald F. Samuel of Garland, Samuel and Loeb, Atlanta, GA

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    Attorney Donald Samuel of Garland, Samuel and Loeb in Atlanta, GA, represented Fulton County and Used 'Alternative Facts' To Sway Judge Amero To Issue a stay in the GA Election Fraud Case today in Henry County, GA Superior Court.

    Samuel stated to presiding Judge Amero the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) had conducted an investigation of alleged counterfeit ballots when they interviewed whisteblower poll worker Suzy Voyles after the Nov 3rd, 2020 general election. Voyles signed an affidavit she saw fraudulent ballots being counted on election night. Samuels declared the GBI investigation was ongling.

    Samuel stated in court the GBI had shown Voyles the batch she had declared counterfeit and Voyles had essentially recanted, saying "I must have had the wrong batch."

    Samuel's statement to the judge was patently untrue.

    CDMedia and The Georgia Record have interviewed Voyles multiple times since the election and she has repeatedly told us she was not interviewed by the GBI but by the GA Secretary of State's office Inspector General regarding her affidavit. She has firmly declared she NEVER recanted her testimony. She made this statement about this false recant allegation months ago. It is in the public record. How could Samuel have not known? Where did he get this slanderous information that essential says Voyles perjured herself with her affidavit under oath?

    There is no public information the GBI is investigating election fraud in Georgia.

    Why did Samuel tell the court false information in a legal proceeding? What are the penalties for attorneys giving judges false information in court to harm the other party's case?

    After angering the judge regarding the intent of Amero's initial order, essentially blaming Amero for not allowing the case to be investigated, Samuel also declared the GA SoS' office was investigating fraudulent ballots in Fulton County.

    The SoS did violate Judge Amero's order and unseal one batch of ballots earlier this year. No information was released from this procedure. However, there is no public information about an ongoing investigation into Futlon County counterfeit ballots because the ballots are sealed! The representative for the GA SoS' office said as much via video in the hearing today. There is an ongling SoS 'investigation' into lack of chain of custody for tens of thousands of ballots.

    Samuel's false advocacy gave Amero an out to issue a stay pending discussions with the GBI and the GA SoS regarding the status of their 'investigations'.

    The GA SoS' office has unclean hands in this matter. They have already violated Judge Amero's order not to unseal ballots. What else have they done? What did they do with the ballots they illegally unsealed after the election?

    How in good concious can Judge Amero now allow the GA SoS to do an investigation when the SoS enabled the election fraud in the first place by not investigating hundreds of allegations of election fraud and certifying a fraudulent election? Isn't this allowing the fox in the hen house?

    A good outcome of today's hearing is that Amero essentially confirmed counterfeit ballots were used in the November 3rd election. He just seems to not be the one he wants to count them via a ballot inspection anytime soon.

    Judge Amero is playing kick the can down the road with the future of the American people.

    The fact that VoterGA's attorneys did not forcefully counter the falsehoods stated by Fulton County today in court is also shocking and shameful.

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    Voter GA should be fired. They were schooled like little children in court today. It’s the high powered attorneys vs the free attorneys. It’s not even close. What an embarrassment for the great state of Georgia. What a dirty state it’s become!!

    Jim L

    The case wouldn’t exist but for VoterGA. Specifically Garland Favorito. He’s a retired guy and the organization he co-founded relies on donations. “Firing” them is the same as demanding the case be dropped. Now if you want to say they should have better lawyers, well, where were you when they sought donations to hire slick lawyers? I donate periodically because they’ve been actually doing something, not just posting angry posts to social media.


    So, just ignore our lying eyes when the VIDEO revealed suitcases of ballots being pulled from under tables AFTER the poll watchers were told to go home. Nothing to see there?


    Amazing! If Joe Snuffy lied to a Judge, he would be in jail for years. And the lies can be proven to be lies so easily it isn't funny. And the Judge buys the lies!
    WTF, people! Just how much more can you stand? Are you okay with this level of corruption? If so, to what benefit?

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    I just saved your webpage.

    Sharon sivori

    The lawyer should be disbarred, there seems to be a lot of this lying and changing evidence for the wrong reasons and it is against the law besides being perjury. So why hasn't the SOS of Georgia and this Donald Samuels is still a lawyer and not in jail??? ETHICS ANYONE!!!! How about Garland being involved in this when HIS WIFE is audit investigator, Garland and anyone close to him should have be RECUSED!!!!So get rid of Garland also!! LIARS ALL!!!!


    Judge Amero being the one with dirty hands isn't a surprise to any father that has been in his family court room. He is as corrupt as the days in Georgia summer are hot.

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