• CDMedia/Georgia Record – Herschel Walker Leads Raphael Warnock For U.S. Senate In Georgia

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    September 25, 2021
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    CDMedia/Georgia Record – Herschel Walker Leads Raphael Warnock For U.S. Senate In Georgia

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    All results from the CDMedia/Georgia Record/Big Data September 24, 2021 poll will be posted here in stages over the weekend.

    Herschel Walker Leads Raphael Warnock for U.S. Senate in Georgia

    Herschel Walker leads incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., in a hypothetical matchup for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, according to a new CD Media Georgia Record Big Data Poll. The former football star and Republican frontrunner leads the junior senator outside the survey’s sampling error by 5 points, 45.6% to 40.9%.

    Unaffiliated voters backed Walker over Warnock by about 2 points, 37.6% to 36.0%, with roughly 1 in 4 (26.5%) undecided. Third Party voters backed Warnock 30.8% to 21.6%, with nearly half (47.6%) undecided.

    “A more fired-up Republican base has already coalesced behind Herschel Walker and the crossover vote favors him, as well,” Big Data Poll Director Rich Baris said. “But the size and scope of Walker’s advantage over Raphael Warnock is blinding when drilling down on area and region.”

    “The man is dominating among all the key regional demographics.”

    Nearly two-thirds of white voters (65.0%) chose Walker, as did slightly more than 1 in 10 black voters (10.1%). White voters represent slightly more than 6 in 10 voters in the Georgia electorate, while non-white voters combined typically represent just under 4 in 10.

    Warnock leads among urban voters 56.2% to 29.2%, while Walker dominates among rural voters 62.6% to 22.3%. The two candidates are statistically tied in the suburbs at 44%.

    By region, the Democrat leads only in Atlanta Metro, 58.2% to 29.4%. The Republican leads in the North (53.3% to 29.4%), Central Georgia (51.4% to 33.8%), and the Coast / South (48.5% to 35.4%). The Atlanta Suburbs are statistically tied with Walker leading by just over 1 point, 46.0% to 44.5%.

    “Both Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate in Georgia lost on January 5 because they failed to generate enough turnout among the base in Central and South / Coastal Georgia regions,” Mr. Baris added. “Democrats didn’t win those races. Republicans lost them by not defending the former president.”

    “Herschel Walker is not suffering from the same disadvantages.”

    Mr. Walker was endorsed for the Republican nomination by former President Donald J. Trump, and will appear with him at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry for the “Save America Rally” this Saturday.

    Full Interactive Crosstabs & Methodology

    The CD Media Georgia Record Big Data Poll for Fall 2021 was conducted by Big Data Poll and interviewed 1,000 registered voters in Georgia via online survey panel from September 18 to September 22, 2021. The sampling error is ± 3.1% at a 95% confidence interval. Results were weighted to represent statewide voter demographics to include age, gender, race and region. Party identification or affiliation—separate from the more static party registration—is impacted by weighting aforementioned variables, but results are NOT weighted for party identification. The partisan breakdown of the survey was 38% Republican, 34% Democratic, and 28% Independent/Other.

    CDMedia is determined to present good polling data into the election but it’s expensive! Please help fund future polls here if you can!



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