• VoterGA's Garland Favorito Speaks At Save America Rally In Perry, GA

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    September 27, 2021
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    VoterGA's Garland Favorito Speaks At Save America Rally In Perry, GA

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    A word of thanks from Garland:

    “I want to thank our incredible VoterGA volunteer team for organizing a bus trip to the Save America rally, setting up our display area, passing out thousands of brochures and working hard all day in the hot sun to recruit new members. I am also deeply grateful to President Donald Trump for his leadership in a sorely needed national Election Integrity movement and for giving me an amazing opportunity to present Georgia’s election integrity issues to his loyal and dedicated supporters.”

    In regards to the Sept. 20th Fulton Ballot Inspection hearing:

    “Although we were disappointed by the delay we incurred at the Sept 20th hearing, we were thrilled that the court confirmed the petitioners have a rock solid case. Judge Brian Amero was our best advocate in the courtroom. He has now explained to the defense attorneys what we have said all along:

    1. Our affidavits from senior poll managers who swear they handled counterfeit ballots in the Fulton Co. hand count audit are prima facie, probable cause evidence of election fraud
    2. Our Equal Protection and Due Process claims brought by the petitioners are valid allegations which we have a right to adjudicate
    3. There are no questions that the petitioners have the proper standing to adjudicate their claims
    4. An inspection of the ballots is required to determine if they are counterfeit and whether or not the Constitutional rights of the petitioners have been violated

    We will be delayed another two months because the lawyer representing one or more of the Democrats on the Fulton County Election Board provided what should be provably false information to the court. We think we can easily prove on November 15th that the opposing counsel’s claims involving a GBI investigation, a Secretary of State investigation and Suzi Voyles’ affidavit are false.”

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