• Former GA Residents In Utah Receiving Absentee Ballots Without Requesting

    By Staff
    September 28, 2021
    Former GA Residents In Utah Receiving Absentee Ballots Without Requesting

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    Georgia residents which moved out of state years ago are now receiving absentee ballots in the mail, without requesting them.

    How does that happen?

    The ballots in the image above were mailed to a couple who moved from GA to UT four years ago and the ballots were not requested.

    Perhaps GA Secretary of State Raffensperger needs to look into the continuing election fraud occuring in the GA capitol?

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    Michael Rowley

    I got one too from hall county ga. And I have lived in SC for over a year now.


    I moved from Georgia 20 years ago but went online to make sure none of my deceased relatives voted & found they did not. But it does make me wonder how long this has been planed as my parents moved near me in SC when they retired. In 2018 or 2019, my dad received a notice to vote at a new location but he had been deceased for 6 years. I know we notified them after the death & we never saw his name listed when we checked in at our voting precints. I took this lettr with me & gave it to the precinct manager (who took my dad's place when he got sick). She called the district to make sure he was erased from all the list. Dad would want to breadk out of his coffin & attack anyone who would use his name to vote.

    Victoria Cruz

    Are we sure these are ballots and not Absentee ballot application requests? The new law stipulates how and which non-SOS entities may mail this type of application.

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