• Georgia Republican State Senators Retreat to Savannah, And Patriots Found Them, But Senators Refused Gifts Demanding Election Integrity

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    October 2, 2021
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    At 8am on Friday, September 24th, Chatham County Patriot Republicans received an alert message from a political connection that Republican Senators from Georgia’s General Assembly were bound for Savannah. They planned to hold a caucus retreat, and it was scheduled to commence in less than two days! They would arrive at approximately noon on Sunday, September 26th and recreate until midday on Tuesday, the 28th. The known purpose was for planning, networking, golfing, and fishing on Savannah’s picturesque Hutchinson Island, with the Westin Hotel as the hub of activity. The Senate majority (34 of 56) is also preparing for the rapidly approaching November Special Session in Atlanta.

    At the moment of notification, a network of Republican friends began to strategize and plan a message delivery to this elected body, whose decisions are vital to the rights and prosperity of all Georgians. Their chosen petition centered on accountability for Georgia’s election system, because of the lack of transparency in the state legislature regarding a full forensic audit of the 2020 election. Our state has suffered international shame for allowing thousands of irregularities that contributed to President Trump’s loss by less than 12,000 votes on November 3rd.

    Because of their failure to convene a special session to delay sending electors to Washington, D.C in order to find out what really happened, along with inner retaliation threats to those who would push the people’s demands, the Senate run-off on January 5th was a repeat catastrophe. Every day America lives with the horrendous national consequence of the failures of Georgia Senate Republicans.

    Based on the experience of Patriots this week, Senators still haven’t learned to heed the words of the people of Georgia. Worse, they don’t even want to see them.

    On Sunday, some of these citizens welcomed the Senators on the road leading to the Westin Hotel. Some even held signs that said "Welcome Senators" and "Audit." Another large sign, hung between two palm trees that read "Patriot Grassroots: Hope for Georgia." American flags, of course, waved in the river breeze.

    Patriots arranged that the gifts be delivered on each day of the retreat, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. A professional delivery service ensured they went directly to the hotel front desk staff, with directions to transmit to the committee of Senators.

    On Monday night, two military-associated women delivered an additional urgent petition, this time in the form of a custom cake. The cake read “Military Reject New Medical Mandates” and was adorned with the seals of the four military branches. At the present time, President Biden’s mandatory vaccination program is causing pressure, abuse, rejection and improper discipline in military commands throughout all branches of service. Command chains are also egregiously and improperly denying requests for religious and medical exemptions; the sole concern is pushing the jab. The fine American who carried this message on behalf of thousands of hurting military members was a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, along with one of her dearest local friends.

    Shamefully, when the two women presented the military cake for delivery to the Senators, the Westin Hotel manager directly told the pair that “they were not letting the gifts through” and even suggested they take the cake home with them. The manager referred to a man named Derrick, who was likely connected to the lobbyists funding this extravagant retreat and/or Senate staffers working on behalf of the caucus committee. He told them that retreat administrators had not signed "release forms" for the gifts, effectively blocking the delivery of the first two and leaving them in hotel possession as essentially abandoned. It is difficult to imagine a more prudish rejection than this given to citizens of the ‘Hostess City’ of Savannah. Committee staff and, by association, Georgia Republican Senators, flagrantly cancelled strong Republican voters with this act.

    To avoid the hotel front desk and obvious political deterrence, the third set of gifts was handed directly to Senator Butch Miller by a professional delivery service Tuesday morning around 9:30am. He looked perplexed when the other gifts were mentioned, as if he had no knowledge. Of course, by this time, the delivery team knew the reason.

    When contacted by phone a few hours later, Senator Miller indicated that he had distributed the third gifts, candied Georgia Grown pecans, to the Senators in a meeting. This time, Senator Miller attempted to graciously acknowledge some manner of receipt of the first and second gifts. However, the delivery team has not been able to cross-confirm receipt of any of the gifts except the third one with other knowing individuals.

    Many Georgia businesses would be proud to have their products in the hands of Senators, and appreciate the record of the occasion. All Senators should be pleased to support Georgia businesses publicly. Senator Miller provided no photos of the delivery, as he promised.

    Regarding the military cake, Senator Miller concurred that there had not been any presentation of it, but he had seen a photo sent by the delivery team. The team gave him multiple opportunities to explain what happened to it and he responded with silence. Moreover, he committed to no advocacy on the military abuse issue whatsoever. On the phone, he remarked, “Thank you for letting us know.”

    At this time, it appears the military cake, with the seals of the service branches on it, was also met with prudish dismissal and received a physical block. Possibly, it was thrown in the trash or eaten by hotel staff as 'abandoned.' Committee staff certainly did not present it to the Senators between the time it was delivered on Monday at 7:00pm to Tuesday at 3:30pm, the time Senator Miller spoke with the delivery team. This was after the retreat had concluded.

    Senator Butch Miller, from Gainesville, is the Chief Financial Officer of the Georgia Republican Senatorial Committee, Inc. that hosted this expensive caucus retreat. The committee is registered as a Georgia domestic non-profit corporation, which is active and in compliance. Senator Miller is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Senate Majority Leader, Mike Dugan of Carrollton, is the CEO of the committee. John Wilkinson, a former State Senator from Toccoa, is the Secretary. The registered physical address for this organization is the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta.

    Following are the messages given to the Senators with the three small hospitality food gifts:

    Sunday Message 1: Senator, Bring Transparency to Georgia Elections
    * Choose to bravely lead the processes, even in the face of retribution. Honor the people of your district, and all will be well.
    * Contract for a new system with elector verifiable paper ballots, that are required by law. Dominion does not meet that requirement. (US District Court of Northern GA, Totenberg, Oct. 2020). System glitches were ongoing all day at precincts, and even the voter registry changed, because it was online.
    * Open public access to all physical ballots and election server images.
    * Provide the voter with ability to inspect the content of their own ballot. Currently, there is no system in the state providing this, nor can mvp show me that my election day ballot was even cast.
    We’re counting on you!
    A Georgia Voter

    Monday Message 2: Senator, Perform Accountability to Georgia Elections
    * Fulfill your oath of office to support the Constitution of Georgia and the United States, regardless of what other elected officials have done.
    * Ensure that all elections are conducted according to the law. The interest and prosperity of this state is dependent on fair elections.
    * Generate a public investigation of Nov 3rd and Jan 5th by our General Assembly. The people have called for it.
    * Provide public access to Grand Juries. The people can decide.
    * Any election fraud is a very serious crime against your constituents and against the democratic tenets of our Republic. If and where fraud is found, wrong-doers must undergo a firm due process of law we would like to see.
    Watching for the pressure,
    A Georgia Voter

    Tuesday Message 3: Senator, Execute a Full State-Wide Forensic Audit
    * Act as steady, honest stewards who never resist the efforts of citizens to hold their sacred elections accountable, even down to the county system level. Only dictatorships resist.
    * Direct the Governor to add ‘Full State-wide Forensic Audit’ to the agenda of the November Special Session. Show us that you are doing so.
    * Redress Nov 3rd and Jan 5th elections. Administer your full subpoena power towards full forensic audits in all 159 counties (O.C.G.A. § 28-1-16).
    * The Maricopa audit report found 57,734 ballots with serious issues. This total is six times greater than the margin of victory for Biden in Georgia. Attentive Georgians observed and reported thousands of irregularities.
    Expecting solid answers,

    A Georgia Voter


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    The only reason the Senators would go to Savannah, a hot bed of Democrat Criminals and crime and welfare, is to escape being castigated by the The Honorable Citizens/Patriots of Georgia. We never saw so many police cars and crime scenes in our lives as we did from Interstate 16 through Savannah to Tybee Island or the coast! You don't want to accidentally go down a side street or leave your vehicle parked on any street near the riverfront.


    Primary these renegades.

    David Farrar

    These patriotic Chatham County Republicans should do what other patriotic GOP Republicans are doing in other Georgia counties, i.e., go to their next Chatham County GOP meeting with a resolution in hand demanding the adoption of an independent, forensic audit be done.

    See "A Resolution" [https://pcmp.ning.com/] Polk County Maga Party

    Sarah Thompson

    Great idea! The GOP in Chatham is run by unelected officers who abuse the Assembly. They can try.

    Jeffrey Hall

    Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines...Coast Guard, Space Force. That's six branches, just sayin'.

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