• More GA GOP Establishment Support For Leftist Democrats - Former GOP State Senator Fran Millar Supports Hard Core Liberal John Park In Brookhaven

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    October 15, 2021
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    Former GA State Senator Fran Millar
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    Former GOP GA State Senator Fran Millar is heartily and publicly supporting hard-core Democrat Leftist John Park for Brookhaven City Council District 2 in his race against Katie Dunagan. The question is why?

    Park was questioned by Reporter Newspapers/Atlanta Intown on his views regarding the culturally Marxist notion of social justice. His reponse to the question below is revealing.

    2) Brookhaven is expected to receive recommendations from the Social Justice, Race and Equity Commission (SJREC) this year. How should the council go about making active steps to ensure those are implemented properly?

    Park's response -- Make it a part of our DNA. In the same way we made our sustainability initiative a part of everything we do: make it a priority for every department and employee.

    Park has also criticized his opponent Dunagan for being 'too conservative'.

    Park's BFF and former college roommate is John Ernst - Mayor of Brookhaven, a hardcore liberal who wanted to be mayor for life, until term limits were voted in.

    How on earth could a long-term GOP State Senator, such as Fran Millar, support such a politician as Park?

    Millar also attacked the Dekalb GOP last summer for hosting Vernon Jones at a party breakfast.

    This is the problem with the Establishment GOP -- they are essentially controlled opposition, helping the Marxist Democrats install a Maoist ideology in our goverment, our schools, our church, every American institution.

    This has to be called out and stopped in its tracks. Enough RINOs.

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