• Democrat John Parks Uses Foreign Language False Information Against GOP Opponent Katie Dunagan In Brookhaven City Council District 2 Race

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    October 25, 2021
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    In early October the attached article was written in Korean and published in a local Atlanta Korean news publication. The article states that Katie Dunagan is being supported by the Japanese government which is an 'alternative fact'.

    Dunagan's campaign declared to The Georgia Record she has received no financial contributions by any Japanese businesses, or received out of Brookhaven Japanese support. She has posted her response on Facebook.

    The offending article can be seen in Korean here.

    Katie Dunagan’s Facebook statement from Oct 5:

    Last week, I was alerted by a campaign supporter about an article in a local foreign language media source claiming that I was supported by a foreign government opposed to the memorial to victims of sexual slavery located in Brookhaven. The press conference that my opponent and current councilman John Park helped organized and attend made outrageous and blatantly dishonest claims in the article. At no time have I ever stood opposed to any memorial for the egregious acts of sexual slavery that have occured in the past or continue to occur today.

    Now, bear in mind that Google Translate is an imperfect tool, so we took it upon ourselves to speak with two individuals fluent in Korean to understand the context of this article. In both instances, it was explained to us that the translation is largely accurate but that the context, naturally, would be understood a bit more locally that the direct translation we saw with Translate.

    Again, let me make this clear - lying in such a blatant, flagrant, and dishonorable manner is unacceptable in any campaign. I have a young daughter, and given the news that we see routinely about women being attacked, trafficked, and sold into sexual slavery gives me pause constantly. I have no qualms about such a memorial being in Brookhaven, because remembering all that is left to do in that fight is something each one of us should remember.

    Political campaigns are meant to be heated, but honest, disagreements about what someone's record is and what their vision should be for the future. When you lie in such a blatant fashion, you disqualify yourself from ever holding office again.

    Katie’s Video statementhttps://fb.watch/8RzPCUcYlb/

    It also has been brought to my attention that the majority of Councilman Park's Funding came outside Brookhaven Sources within the Korean community presumably initiated by this press conference and article connecting me with the support of the Japanese community which is an outright lie. 

    Numbers from the last financial report on Brookhaven’s website:


    + 2,791.05 - Not itemized - Below $100



    - 6,286.07 - From Brookhaven residents

    - 2,700 - Joe Gebbia (Brookhaven City Council District  4)

    - 500 - Linley Jones (Brookhaven District 1)


    $59,335.04 - From folks that don't live in Brookhaven. (Alot of $ from Gwinnett County)

    Full financial disclosure can be found here - https://www.brookhavenga.gov/sites/default/files/fileattachments/city_clerk/page/26091/2021-09-30parkccdr.pdf

    If you would like to connect with Katie Dunagan her # is 770.367.5744  and email is [email protected].  Additionally, the full article translated into English is attached. 

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    You'd expect this kind of slander from a political figure funded by the soros groups. I wonder if he's getting money from them?

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