• Savannah Mayor Van Johnson's First Amendment Suppressions Have Been Shut Down By A Federal Judge

    By Staff
    October 27, 2021
    Savannah Mayor Van Johnson and The Georgia Virtue Publisher Jessica Szilagyi

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    The Bill of Rights prohibits government from violating inalienable rights and commands government to protect them. Nothing is so sacred as the freedom of conscience, which is expressed in the ideas of our five first amendment freedoms. James Madison called conscience "the most sacred of property."

    This week, the justice system decided to assert first amendment protection of Savannah citizens and anyone who exercises their duties to hold its elected officials accountable. Mayor Van Johnson stepped on the 'liberty hose' of the wrong independent journalist, Jessica Szilagyi.

    An investigative journalist with the Georgia Virtue, based out of Brooklet, Szilagyi reports on city and county activities throughout South Georgia. In doing so, she engages city governments across the area on common platforms. Though repressive and replete with censorship, Facebook remains the social medial platform of choice for local government communication. Adding personal ego to the interaction generates another layer of boldness with tyrannical government officials like Savannah's Mayor Van Johnson. The Mayor, when he feels challenged, often chooses to violate the civil liberties of others by blocking them from his official government pages.

    Thankfully, justice still exists. The entire report was written by Szilagyi in her Georgia Virtue article.

    On October 25th, Judge William T. Moore, of the Southern District Court of Georgia granted a permanent injunction against the actions of Mayor Johnson in Case No. CV420-165. The order reads, "Defendants are permanently enjoined from taking any action on Defendant Mayor Van Johnson's official Facebook page that interferes with the ability to view, post, comment, or react on said page; provided, however, any expressions on Defendant Mayor Van Johnson' official Facebook page shall only be protected from interference to the extend they may reasonably be construed to constitute First Amendment protected speech or that is otherwise violative of the City of Savannah's social media terms of use."

    The Georgia Record has featured the Mayor of Savannah in several pieces, referenced here:

    This article and video dramatically display Mayor Johnson's desperate suppression of civil liberties and open public meetings this summer. These actions were directly against the rights of a Navy Veteran and his family attempting to testify at a public property tax hearing, but they were instead held in the Savannah City Hall entry way for over two hours, surrounded by ten "law" enforcement personnel. To lend expertise or other support to this case, please email: [email protected].

    Citizens served Mayor Johnson with a notice and demand for an additional public hearing after they were sent home from City Hall, and then the action was covered up by the City Clerk's office.

    Mayor Johnson abuses crowd-funding via his person pay apps to "raise money" for charity on his weekly mayoral calls.

    Freedom Rings in Savannah, despite the tyrannical overreach of Mayor Van Johnson and those who would gain by following his misleadership.

    If we lose the right of conscience, we've lost all rights.

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    of all people a BLack man that want to take away rights form anyone have his grandparent taught him nothing??


    A lot of their grandparents were communists. See Valerie Jarrett's grandmother.


    Yes, I've heard this before. Buttigiegs parents as well. Too many for comfort in the USA!

    Sarah Thompson

    This Mayor is worse than the post civil war carpet baggers. He is from New York City. He controls the media propaganda and has had conflicted interests for years - acting with police department, head of county HR, serving as an city council in a sh1tty district, and running around with his fraternity bros. His hobby is traveling the country to watch football... total leach. Also, behaves largely illiterate on matters the citizens brings to him because he is already bought and decided. His attitude: So, SUE ME.


    Seems like the Mayor is long overdue for replacement.


    Surely there are smart black people that could hold office, but it seems that they follow their white examples and comit the same violations of our Constitution's rights. Whee!

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