• Clown Show: Watch Fulton County Commissioners Explain Why They Can't Fire Elections Director Richard Barron (For Second Time) Because They Are Concerned About 'Stability Of Their Elections'

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    January 7, 2022
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    In a video meeting with Fulton County, GA County Commissioners and county mayors, the Commissioners tried to explain why they can't force the resignation of Fulton County Election Director Richard Barron due to concerns over the 'stability of upcoming elections'.

    Barron was fired in Feb of 2021 for cause but the termination was reversed a short time later. It was previously announced last year that Barron would be gone by December 31, 2021.

    Upon questioning over the situation by Johns Creek, GA Mayor John Bradberry, the Commissioners took turns making up reasons why Barron would most likely still be there for the 2022 mid-term elections in November.

    Barron's firing comes after a series of elections where the county was criticized by state elections officials and targeted over rumors about vote tampering, reported Fox 5 Atlanta in February of 2021.

    In November, the Georgia Secretary of State's Office opened two investigations into Fulton County's handling of the 2020 election involving the "chain of custody" dealing with votes.

    True the Vote has released evidence recently of wide-spread ballot harvesting in Fulton County. Georgia Secretary of State has finally opened an investigation into the 2020 presidential election because of it, although it is doubtful Raffensperger is serious about getting to the truth.

    There are multiple cases in various stages of appeal to forensically examine ballots from Fulton County in 2020 that are expected to contain counterfeit ballots, per multiple witness affidavits.

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    Sharon sivori

    Mr. Barrons needs to be jailed not just fired! DID YOU HEAR THE WORDS ELECTION FRAUD???? Why is he still walking around, and anyone else that was in cahoots with him should be an investigation into the whole thing, NOT DONE BY RAFFENSPERGER, he needs to go to jail also for FRAUD!!!!

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