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    January 19, 2022

    Anti-Happy Face Resident Protest Triggers Fulton County Commissioners

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    UPDATE 1700 EST - Fulton County, GA Board of Commissioners approved the contract extension for the 'Happy Faces' temporary staffing firm for elections in 2022. The firm has been accused of massive election fraud during the 2020 general election cycle, and the U.S. Senate runoff in Jan 2021.

    The Board did look to slowly move to hire additional temp firms but Happy Faces will still be in place during the 2022 election in Fulton County.

    Although the meeting is still ongoing, the Fulton County, GA Board of Commissioners this morning took public comment from residents regarding the extension of a temporary services contract with the firm 'Happy Faces', an entity with alleged ties to GA gubernatorial Candidate, and Democrat Party activist Stacey Abrams.

    Significant evidence has been reported that Happy Faces committed serious election fraud for Democrat candidates during the 2020 election cycle.

    A large protest was staged during the meeting against the renewal of the Happy Faces contract.

    An outburt against the protest by Commissioner Marvin Arrington is shown below.

    "If any of these commissioners have future career or political aspirations, they should hear the the public outcry Against Happy Faces. All are paying attention to their actions and taking note," declared Fulton County resident Michelle Sarkisian.

    Another resident submitted the following letter after Arrington's outburst to the Board.

    Dear Commissioner Arrington,
    It is with regret that I feel compelled to write this letter. 
    This morning at the BOC meeting a large group of concerned citizens voiced their opinions based on facts and personal firsthand experiences, Their sole purpose was to shine a light on Fulton County election inefficiencies and wasteful spending and the desire take our elections back away from outside influences.  No party or candidate affiliations were mentioned. No outcome was demanded outside of improving our elections processes and practices.  The only names mentioned were that of a candidate who has a financial interest in the outsource vendor used, Happy Faces, and the Election Manager who the board itself has fired and rehired twice.
    Our elections are what separate us from the rest of the world. When there is a perception that incompetence or outright fraud may play a hand in our elections outcome, people whose votes are at risk want answers and change.  I would expect that those we elect, who’s sacred trust we give them, would be the first to call for transparency and change to a better system.   If for no other reason but to eliminate the perception of wrongdoing and distrust. 
    That is what was at stake this morning.  Commissioner Arrington, your emotional, uncontrolled rant was an insult to the Board on which you serve and the people for whom you serve. your accusations, in light of the public outcry around sloppy work, financial ties, sworn affidavits, ongoing lawsuits and more, was irresponsible and Wrong.  It has nothing to do with outcomes and everything to do with integrity. Your choice to “protest” by leaving so you did not hear the comments showed Your lack of respect for your constituents.
    We expect more out of those who campaign for our support and vote.  WE the People expect more out of OUR representatives at All levels.

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    Unbelievable. What does it take to get through to these terds?


    Well, for starters, they aren't there to 'serve'--that's wishfull thinking. Clearly types who seek the position trend towards sociopathic tendencies.


    Sadly, in today's America, the citizens will be ignored, and the "Happy Face" grifters will be allowed to influence the outcome of another election (in favor of the Democrats, of course, as is the rule).

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