• Brad Raffensperger NOT Running For Re-Election In 2022?

    By Staff
    February 21, 2022

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    Is Brad Raffensperger OUT of the SOS Race?
    According to Ballotpedia, he is running for re-election.
    If he is still in, why isn't he following his own agency rules regarding ethics and transparency for filing campaign disclosures?

    Only 3 Candidates filed election year paperwork due Jan 31, 2022.


    Where's Brad?

    According to most recent campaign disclosures, Brad Raffensperger has not filed paperwork for the 2022 race on the SOS website. His last election year filing was in 2018. His latest 2 day reports (donations over $1000) was in 2018.
    Brad Raffensperger - campaign filing screenshot
    Brad's most recent filing 7/21 was a non-election year disclosure.
    His donations are predominately from out of state. Click here to view who is giving him money.
    His expenses mostly comprise of polling and legal fees.

    In contract, Jody Hice's January 2022 campaign disclosure are small dollar donations from Georgians.

    Click here to view Jody Hice's disclosure.


    Finally, Brad's campaign website is out of date and NOT Accepting Donations.
    Brad's Campaign website

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    He doesn't want to show all the money from Dominion..

    Madam DeFarge

    Wonder if he got rich enough from the last election to just retire?

    J Cooper

    In contract, Jody Hice’s January 2022 campaign disclosure are small dollar donations from Georgians. I think you mean in "contrast".


    He's gonna be too busy running for his life...,


    That is actually true. Word on the inside says his execution has been planned.


    He doesn't need to bother running. He will be tossed out just like Kemp. Both of these RINOs made their money. Now they have to live with their greed and what they did to the USA. State of Ga handed the Senate over to the marxists via voting fraud. The entire Georgia state government was involved. I am beginning to think my Congressman Austin Scott 8th district was involved as he sas nothing about the fraud. I will not vote for any RINOs.

    robert sweat

    It won't do him any good to run he will be primaried by anyone else or I will (God help me vote for a democrat) vote for a democrat. This POS ratt won't be getting anymore cheese outta this state.

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