• VoterGA Seeks General Assembly To Ban Voter Registration Cloud Computing Scheme

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    February 21, 2022
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    Election integriy non-profit VoterGA.org is demanding the GA General Assembly ban a new voter registration cloud computing scheme. The effort to install the new system is being driven by GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

    You can read the VoterGA.or press release below:

    General Assembly Must Ban Election Cloud Computing Scheme

    ATLANTA, February 21, 2022 – VoterGA called on the Georgia General Assembly today to immediately ban
    Secretary of State (SOS) Brad Raffensperger’s efforts to outsource the Georgia voter registration system into an
    internet cloud. The SOS selected a Salesforce platform and little known, MTX as the implementation partner in
    a secret, no-bid contract that has been well underway for some time. The initiative would move the voter
    registration system outside of his control where it is vulnerable to a variety of cyber-attacks and left in the hands
    of third-party vendors whose employees are not sworn to uphold the Georgia Constitution.

    Cloud Computing Security Issues

    VoterGA explained in their press conference today a variety of serious, well-known security issues inherent in
    cloud-based computing, thus rendering it as an unsuitable platform for mission critical Georgia election data.
    They also showed a class action lawsuit against Salesforce alleging that its Commerce Cloud became infected
    with malware. The malware acquired Personal Identifying Information (PII) for nearly 20,000 customers. It was
    later found for sale on the “dark web.” The suit further alleges that Salesforce did not release a vulnerabilities and
    exposures report, nor did they make any notifications of the breach.

    Salesforce’s Partisan, Flawed Partnerships

    The press conference pointed out the fallacy of giving control of mission critical systems to third parties.
    Salesforce is based on Amazon Web Services, which de-platformed Parler just as it gained significant market
    share and became a threat to larger social media platforms. VoterGA also showed how Salesforce and its President
    Marc Benioff are political partisans who publicly opposed legislative election integrity initiatives including
    SB202. That bill made ballot images public record so election results could be better verified. Benioff, who does
    not live in Georgia, even made a false claim that a SB202 predecessor would eliminate provisional ballots.
    Further, Salesforce also partnered with Stacy Abrams’ New Georgia Project in partisan voter registration efforts.

    MTX’s Inexperienced Off-Shore Operation

    VoterGA research determined that MTX is a four-year-old India based company, with no election experience.
    Their employee list shows only and only one employee in Georgia. After obtaining a no-bid contract in Texas to
    develop a contract tracing system, workers were found to have used their own personal computers and Email
    addresses on the project. That raised privacy concerns about data security and the project was criticized by a
    legislator for having “one fumble after another.”

    Subscription Pricing Control Inadequacy

    In addition, VoterGA explained how Salesforce, a SaaS application, subjects the state of Georgia to potentially
    uncontrollable subscription pricing as opposed to more stable, fixed pricing that is the norm for in-house
    developed systems. VoterGA-co-founder Garland Favorito stated: “There is no technical or business reason to
    subject Georgia voters to these kinds of severe risks. The General Assembly must stop this insanity prior to
    implementation to avoid permanent damage to our elections. The codes changes that are necessary to protect
    Georgia voters are simple and easy to make.”

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    David Smith

    These people need a few years in jail for their continued efforts to make the voting system totally corrupt.

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