• Raffensperger Continues To Pretend He Will Prosecute The Election Fraud He Enabled And Knew About In 2020

    By Staff
    March 2, 2022

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    Georgia's election chief is vowing a full-scale investigation into allegations Democrats may have illegally harvested ballots in the 2020 election, saying his team is preparing subpoenas to "follow the money" and bring prosecutions if warranted.

    Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger sought to dispel whispers in conservative circles that he is slow-walking the probe he announced in January, explaining to Just the News that the only delays are related to administrative changes on the State Elections Board. That panel possesses the power to issue subpoenas Raffensperger says his investigators need to solve the case.

    "Right now we're waiting for the State Election Board to pick their new chair, so that we can ask for a subpoena," he told the "Just the News" television show Tuesday night on Real America's Voice...

    To read more visit Just The News.

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    robert sweat

    It doesn't matter what you say or do now raffy you are outta here in the next election just like kemp, both of you sold your soul to the nwo and neither one of you will ever hold office again. Everyone in our state hates you both and me and my wife vote and I will vote for a democrat before either one of you traitorous basturds.


    Hey asshole, I believe the Attorney General can issue subpoenas. No need to wait. As a matter of fact you need to subpeona the elections board.


    Yeah, kinda like Barr and Durham. (Your check is in the mail; wait for it) !


    ***“Right now we’re waiting for the State Election Board to pick their new chair, so that we can ask for a subpoena,”

    Delay, delay, delay, and hope the voters forget. When raffensperger is replaced something might get done, like investigating his involvement. along with the incarceration of everyone involved in the election.

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