• A Ukrainian American's Overview Of The Russia/Ukraine Conflict...The War Explained In 11 Minutes

    By Staff
    March 4, 2022

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    Are you tired of Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow & CNN telling you how to feel about the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

    In this interview, Chatham Free Press speaks with a Ukrainian Born, U.S. Army Combat Veteran & proud American Citizen called Alex Bogey about what is really going on in Ukraine & more importantly...why.

    Filmed in Savannah, GA. 03/2/2022.

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    This is all about Putin showing the world the full corruption of the whole country of Ukraine not just taking back the Donbas region and Crimean Penninsula. You stated in your interpretation Azov Battalion and other paramilitary groups that you neglected to state that were trained and paid by the CIA to kill their own people and cause constant turmoil in these past 8 years. Without taking out and demilitarizing the whole of the Ukraine Putin leaves more than half a corrupt country to keep doing illegal corrupt business as usual and would still pose a western threat to Russian stability in the region by many countries outside the Ukranian border.


    Perhaps he should start themn with the corruption in his own arena.

    Verdes Lutz

    I wonder whether Putin bribed Clinton, Obama, and Biden. Sure looks that way.


    Probably need to keep Bush in there too.


    Other way round!! They tryed to pay PUTIN off and he said NO!! HE won't join there corrupt country's, satanic elite, that's why he has the world on his back, becos of Zelenskys lies and USA, and all the others wanting this sick NWO and WEF run World!!


    Very informative.

    Or alternatively we could listen to Kamala’s explanation “for laymen” as requested by a radio talk show host.


    Good info....wish he wouldnt walk so much.
    The vid makes me ill watching it

    Barnburp Burpbarn

    Lots to untangle, but in essence, the West is messing near Russia's borders and Putin is responding.

    Now every institution is cancelling Russia like they cancel anyone who disagrees with the Left.


    Oh sure. The West has just been itching to invade Russia. Tell us another good one.


    You should study the history of all the broken or not observed treaties regarding Russia and Ukraine, and the incessant corruption from within and on the part of NATO! And the putrid US State Dept. This is a result of rapacious globalists' desire for riches in this part of the world.


    Exactly!! In a nutshell Barnburp!!!! You hit the nail on the head???


    I started listening until the time that he said that the american military started a military operation in the donbas.... So the american ordered the russians to take donbas ?? ))))) The truth is Putin invaded Crimea and the Donbas in 2014 right after his Sochi olympics. and has been at war since thus creating 14 000 casualties so far.... Fact-check me !!

    Alex Bogey

    It was the Ukrainian military with US encouragement. They began the civil war in Donabass. The seperatists wanted to negotiate


    The 'separatists' are straight out of Hitler's playbook. In fact, this method of justifying invasion is a predacious technique perfected way back. Read Thucydides for succinct examples.

    Alex Bogey

    No disagreement there-Russia has no justification for the invasion

    Alex Bogey

    The separatists did have popular support before the civil war (14-22) began as Donbass had always voted for pro-Russian politicians


    Like I said: Predacious forces have always encouraged such politics to use as a pretext for invasion. We have such diasporas all over the globe, many awaiting ignition by a psycho.


    Putin: How Would America React If Russian Missiles Were Placed At The Border With Canada & Mexico!? - YouTube

    Nabi Rasch

    And why do you think there are 'missiles at the border'? Read Churchill's 'Triumph and Tragedy'. There wouldn't be any missiles if Russia wasn't a predacious threat. Putin's argument is duplicitous garbage anyway. Isn't Russia still going to have missiles at the border if it occupies Ukraine? 'Justification' in some demented minds for endless invasions, maybe?


    Then read this...It's much more complicated than one would think.


    Where is the second part to this, please? I cannot find it.

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