• Georgia Ukrainian-Born US Combat Vet Gives History Of Ukraine And Outlook On The Current War

    By Staff
    March 19, 2022

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    As the World continues to be inundated with stories from the continuing conflict in Ukraine, context continues to remain important, writes Chatham Free Press.

    Ukrainian born US Army Combat Veteran Alex Bogatiryov explains the complicated & challenged history of Ukraine with an emphasis on the often untold story of American involvement & its relation to the conflict occurring today.

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    Lazarus RedDog

    Helpful information - but dear gawd - could you put that camera on a tripod & sit still so I don't get motion sickness trying to follow your thru a graveyard for whatever dramatic effect you're seeking. Thank you.

    Chatham Free Press

    While this was filmed as a part of a larger series being built around “walking & talking”, if a tripod or alternative stabilization tools would make your viewing experience more enjoyable, feel free to donate @ChathamFreePress on Venmo/PayPal & we’ll be sure to accommodate!

    Geoffrey Britain

    Outstanding. A bit incomplete as it doesn't talk about NATO's eastward expansion, the real reasons for Putin's seizure of the Crimea and of Georgia. And most especially, Putin's reason for invading the Ukraine.

    NATO is controlled by the political leadership of its member states with the U.S., Germany, the U.K. and France having the largest say in what NATO does and in that order of prominence . Every one of the major European member States and many of the other member state's political leadership are closely aligned with Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum organization. Macron and Trudeau are graduates of the WEF's "Global Young Leaders" Program.

    That organization started in the 70's and was started by Henry Kissinger, John Kenneth Galbraith and Herman Kahn. They were at that time the most influential "global thinkers" in the West. Schwab was a relatively unknown 30+ former student of Kissinger at Harvard who had introduced him to the other men. At the first meeting of the WEF, important government, business and academic figures met and it was the prominence of Kissinger, Galbraith and Kahn that drew in that group. George Soros became and still is a major supporter of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

    The Davos Agenda is WEF's plan for global alignment in their New World Order first introduced to the larger public in Pres. HW BUsh's speeches. The Davos Agenda is a global agenda and it requires global leadership, giving the Davos agenda global dominance in the West. WEF has made overtures to both Putin and China's Xi. Both being nationalists has resulted in Putin overtly rejecting WEF. While Xi has played cagey with the WEF, pretending to WEF that China is open to joining WEF at some point in the future.

    So Putin stands in the way of the WEF's global dominance and thus must go. NATO has been the vehicle the WEF has used to back Putin into a corner. In 2008 and again in 2020, NATO formally announced its intention to bring the Ukraine into NATO. Which is a direct violation of the 2010 Astana agreement between Russia and 56 other states, which includes NATO. NATO has been militarizing the Ukraine since the US backed 2014 coup. Russia has consistently maintained and repeatedly warned the West that the prospect of the Ukraine becoming a NATO member state is a red line for them. As it would put NATO on Russia's border, which is an unacceptable strategic security risk. The West has utterly and intentionally ignored that national security threat to Russia.

    To prevent the Ukraine from joining NATO, Putin has been left with the choice of military invasion or accepting the possibility of NATO having the capability of launching nuclear cruise missiles just 13 minutes flight time from Moscow. Cruise missiles are intentionally designed to have the capability of flying "nap of the earth" so low as to escape radar detection. Such an attack could easily result in the Russians only detecting the attack mere moments before detonation. If launched while Putin was meeting in the Kremlin with his top military and government aides, a successful attack would decapitate the upper echelons of Russia's command and control network, leaving Russia defenseless. From a strategic military perspective it doesn't matter whether NATO would ever launch such an attack. What matters is that the very possibility of the West having that capability is a completely unacceptable national security risk.

    All the rest of Putin's offered rationale for invading the Ukraine is completely secondary to Russia's core interest, that the Ukraine remain a neutral buffer state. Once Putin invaded, the West launched a coordinated propaganda campaign designed to put intense pressure upon Russians to depose Putin. Which is what Sen. Lindsey Graham's repeated calls for Putin's assassination is designed to trigger.

    The West's public are being played for fools by its Global Elite. WEF's public slogan is "you will own nothing and be happy" it freely admits to its intention to eliminate private property in the name of a Great Reset. Its plan for humanity is the creation of a "new man" one where humanity's digital identity is welded to our biological reality. A modern version of Star Trek's Borg. All of this is freely admitted by Schwab and his top tech advisor and currently available on video. So this is not a conspiracy theory but easily confirmed through the internet. The way that the Global Elite plan on controlling the public is through implementing a worldwide, digital social credit system. Failure to 'cooperate' will result in impoverishment, imprisonment and starvation.

    Hyperbole? WEF publicly admits that the only way to prevent "climate change" from destroying the environment is by reducing the world's population by 90%. Advances in AI, robotics and 3D printing is how the Elite plan on retaining their modern luxuries...

    "When you're one step ahead of the crowd, you're a genius. When you're two steps ahead of the crowd, you're a crackpot!" Rabbi Schlomo





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