• GA GOP Executes March 26 Plan To Hold Concealed Statewide Party Elections On Same Day Of Trump's Rally In Commerce, GA

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    March 20, 2022
    GA GOP Executes March 26 Plan To Hold Concealed Statewide Party Elections On Same Day Of Trump's Rally In Commerce, GA

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    The following is an Open Letter from a GA GOP think tank regarding internal party election suppression in all fourteen Georgia U.S. Congressional Districts, as orchestrated by State GOP Executives


    Dear Georgia Citizens and Fellow Republicans,

    Governor Kemp approved new boundaries for our fourteen Congressional Districts in Dec 2021 as part of a federal requirement to address the representative needs of nearly one million additional citizens throughout our growing state. Following a census, in accordance with federal law rooted in the U.S. Constitution, it is in the people’s best interest to be inclusionary and, therefore, the Georgia Republican Party (GRP) is conducting new party elections at all FOURTEEN District GOP levels. This party claims to be “the party of the open door.” The RNC Rules state “Ours is the party of liberty, the party of equality, of opportunity for all, and favoritism for none.”

    However, it appears these FOURTEEN GOP Congressional District Officer Elections are being planned and conducted in a concealed manner. The offices of Chairmen, Vice Chairmen, Secretaries, Treasurers, and Communications Directors appear to be in the control of officers elected at the convention last year and the state party. Yet, according to several GOP County Chairmen interviewed last week, “Anyone may run for office” (the law). State GOP Executives scheduled a date for these elections, which is March 26, 2022, but the notice or 'official calls' are published nowhere either internally or externally to the party. It is almost as if those notified were asked to keep the elections quiet. Apparently, the date is also suitable to deter Trump Republicans from attending. President Trump will be rallying in the town of Commerce, GA on that same day.

    To clarify, the highest ranking officer of each District Committee has issued a call for their March 26 meeting with the election as the main agenda item, though the notice has only been distributed to chosen individuals. District Committee members and county chairmen are the recipients. Unfortunately, that is where the notice has stopped. After researching county and district GOP websites and social media pages throughout the state, to include gagop.org, not a single mention of the STATEWIDE CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT GOP ELECTIONS can be found anywhere. [Websites : GA-14 / GA-9 / GA-11 / GA-12]. Additionally, party members statewide claim no email notice to well-established party email lists. Because of the redrawn congressional districts, new leadership is required statewide. WITH THE ELECTIONS LESS THAN ONE WEEK AWAY, CONSIDER THE WHISTLE BLOWN!

    AS IN ALL GEORGIA ELECTIONS, THE CALL SHOULD BE GOING TO ANYONE ELIGIBLE TO BE A CANDIDATE, WHICH IS ANY GEORGIA CITIZEN ELECTOR IN THEIR JURISDICTION. Participants in party affairs must simply hold a belief in Republican principles, according to party Rules. Because it is protected by the fourteenth amendment of U.S. Constitution, participation cannot be abridged or suppressed on any basis. Distressingly, some districts have blocked, in writing, anyone who is not a member of their respective District Committee from attending the election, which the party is crookedly calling ‘District Meetings,’  thereby preventing appropriate Republican involvement and even election oversight.

    The Georgia Republican Party is also subverting duly elected members of GOP County Committees in this process, whom they have not notified throughout the state. Literally millions of Georgia conservatives have no knowledge of this election, let alone the basic information to pursue candidacy.

    Why is the party narrowly interpreting its own rules in order to avoid sharing this information? Perhaps their desire for power, votes, and money has eclipsed their tolerance for transparent elections and representative democracy. While the bright advertising for David Shafer's April Fundraising Gala occupies many GRP platforms, Democracy is dying in darkness, which is the warning printed clearly on every paper edition of The Epoch Times.

    Clearly, the basic objective of new district party elections following the census should be to expand involvement into new areas to better reflect the will of citizens and organizational needs to win upcoming elections. Transparency helps to expand confidence in representative government. Instead, the observed procedures contained herein highlight hidden aims, tighter authoritarian-type controls, and disrespect for critical representative processes designed to protect life, Liberty, and property. And, a common line they throw is that they are worried about ‘Democrat infiltrators?’ 

    Cutting Republicans off from feeling included detracts from the critical goal of regaining the U.S. House of Representatives. Citizens have notified their Georgia Republican Congressmen on this matter, who are counting on votes from new areas. If they want to be elected, they should be leading the charge!

    Our Georgia Constitution has provided us a Republican representative form of government. We cannot stand by silently as this gift, defended at great sacrifice, is defiled in any way or for any ambition. This GRP and its elections must receive immediate scrutiny. Georgians can insist on a legitimate open election call. Contact your county and district GOP leadership and tell them you want to attend the elections. Find people to run to represent you. Contact your representatives with your thoughts on the matter.

    With immense concern for the Republic and our beautiful state,

    Every Georgia Citizen













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    What do expect from Globalist RINOs

    Sarah Thompson

    Not much. However, they are in the criminal sphere with this. Not simply political.

    Cathy Ware

    Where did you get your information for this article? Which think tank?

    Sarah Thompson

    Citizen think tank source.


    ?President Trump doesn’t speak until 7:00 or maybe 8:00 p.m. that night folks. Stop whining.

    AM Garrigus

    No feels “excluded”, no one’s “feelers” are hurt. What in the heck are you even talking about? The President’s doesn’t speak at his rally until around 8:00 p.m. that night. No one feels left out. Stop this kind of nonsense.

    Chasity Pawvlik

    As a Republican (not RINO) candidate or Georgia House of Representatives in District 164 this is seriously alarming. How can the will of the conservative voters be properly represented if they are suppressed from participating or observing Statewide District GA GOP Election Meetings, per state rule 8.3d which states that the district committee shall elect new officers? These political party organizations operate as a "government body" and must perform all duties in a lawful manner pursuant to GA Code Title 21. Repercussions for violations of elections under GA Code Title 21 can be found under GA Code Title 16. The integrity and security of the political party organization and infrastructure of the Georgia Republican Party is severely compromised. It is a well known fact that voter and election fraud has been occurring within our organized political organizations in the state of Georgia for quite sometime. With the upcoming primaries, it is URGENT that the violations and infringement on the civil rights and liberties of "the people" cease from occurring. It is obvious that the current GRP leadership is lacking sensible and ethical leadership, and are continuing to act against the will of the people, specifically conservatives. Malfeasance within this election body is detrimental not only to the right of elective franchise and the right to hold office of all Georgians, but to the national security of the United States. Political accountability must be dramatically improved or all us will be suffering the consequences in which laws come to fruition, like HB1013, which was supported by RINOS. HB1013 is a complete desecration of civil liberties and freedom. Every elected Republican that voted in support of HB1013 and any GA GOP executive committee members including but not limited to the county, district and state level within the Georgia Republican Party should be censured from the party.


    How exactly does 1013 violate your civil liberties? Tell us exactly where.

    Treuer Wolf

    Tell us exactly why you are "ANONYMOUS" ?

    Peter Korman

    Here's the accurate story which I hope you'll reflect in corrections to your story. There is no sinister motive here.

    The date for electing officers of the 14 congressional district committees was selected on February 19th at a meeting of the entire State Committee. This was scheduled weeks before the Trump Rally in Commerce was announced. The March 26th district meetings include current Officers, District and Executive committee members who were elected by all the delegates at District Conventions in June, 2021. With the required decadal reapportionment, people like myself have been moved to new congressional districts. Governor Brian Kemp did not have input as to this date.

    Elected Officers and Committee members who want to attend the Trump Rally can either submit a proxy to another they trust to vote on their behalf, or they can attend the morning meeting and leave for Commerce, GA after. They will have plenty of time to attend both the meeting and the rally.

    Thank You for including this accurate information in your story...and change your headline.

    Peter Korman
    State Committee Member, GA06
    Roswell, GA

    Sue ackerman

    Thank you, Mr. Korman, for your response to this article. I am disappointed in the Georgia Record. Can I trust it in the future to be accurate and fair? I don’t know. ?

    Cathy Ware

    Thanks Mr. Korman for the truth. Whoever wrote this article is being completely dishonest.

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