• BREAKING: Georgia Judge Grants David Perdue, Petitioners's Request To Preserve 2020 Ballots

    By Staff
    April 7, 2022
    Georgia Judge Grants David Perdue, Petitioners's Request To Preserve 2020 Ballots

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    Georgia Superior Court Judge Robert C.I. Mcburney has granted GA gubernatorial candidate David Perdue and other petittioners' request to preserve ballots from the November 2020 election in Fulton County that was rife with election fraud. The 22 month limit for preserving the ballots was approaching and the petitioners did not want them destroyed, which would prevent discovering the truth of the massive fraud that was perpetrated in Georgia during the 2020 election cycle.

    The full order from the judge can be read on the PDF below:













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    Grants a Request?
    IT's FEDERAL LAW they be preserved!

    Graelynn Wolfe

    It's federal law that they be retained for a certain number of months - around 2 years. This is saying they should be retained indefinitely or by another order of the court.


    These polls are just ridiculous ? why can't we the PEOPLE ever get the trith.......

    Susan Beaver

    They need to ve retained until full forensic audit can we done


    It's all about the PAPER!


    Bc People Who don't want To see truth, don't see it really...

    Zanna Stehle

    Georgia had the most fraud. If we ever get a forensic audit it’s going to blow this whole election to smitherines!

    Dan Preece

    I want the truth to come out in Georgia, then maybe my home state Michigan will still have time to show the same fraud!

    I would like you to show us in the video form.

    Marilyn Braswell

    This false voting needs to stop and we need to go back to paper ballots with both parties watching!


    Unless it will be difficult to follow you, audio should be fine. Thank you for your efforts. We need to find out what happened here in GA.


    You only yell fraud when you lose…. Interesting


    We need to see all the proofs they have, we also need for the Supreme Court to step up and do the right thing, by looking into all that went on . I saw 2000 Mules and it’s all there before your eyes.
    So let’s stop all the talk and actually show the proof. I’m tired of this dance.

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