• Veterans For America First Has Made A New Round Of Endorsements In Georgia

    By Staff
    April 10, 2022

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    Veterans for America First has made a new round of endorsements. 

    VFAF.ORG has Admiral Charles Kubic as its national spokesman. The Admiral served in the Trump administration and was tasked with building the southern border wall. 

    Tom Homan former ICE director serves on the VFAF board and Tana Goertz a PR director for Donald Trump recently signed on as an Ambassador.

    VFAF Chairman Vlad Lemets was recently acknowledged by president Trump at a Mar-A-Lago fundraiser for John Gibbs where the president called Lemets on stage stating he knew him and the organization. 

    VFAF has endorsed Georgia Candidates David Perdue for Governor , Herschel Walker for Senate , Patrick Witt for Insurance Commissioner , John Gordon for Attorney General , Andrew Clyde for congress GA9 , Burt Jones for Lt.Governor , Mallory Staples for congress GA6 , YG Nyghtstorm for congress GA7, Surrea Ivy for congress GA4 , Jeremy Hunt for congress GA2 , and Jared Craig for congress GA3.

    Stan Fitzgerald the Chief Political Director for VFAF ,who is a Georgia resident, states the organization was originally known as Veterans for Trump and will call all hands on deck to elect true America First conservatives who will implement the Trump/America First agenda in Georgia and why the organization has also made the following state house endorsements consisting of Shane Miller , Stoney Mathis , Carminthia Moore  , David Delk , Chasity Pawvlik ,Blake Mcclellan and Marziyeh Amirizadeh. Fitzgerald is working on several Georgia campaigns including Mallory Staples GA6 and states that he and his wife were recently asked by president Trump to focus on John Gordon for Attorney General during a recent visit to Mar-A-Lago.

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