• Georgia RINO Watch: A New Series Exposing Phony Republicans In Name Only - Jake's Jukes

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    April 18, 2022

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    A new series that exposes Republicans in Name Only who are swamp creatures posing as grassroots conservatives

    GA RINO Watch Part 1

    Georgia's upcoming 6th District Republican Primary is loaded with a variety of nine candidates including grassroots Trump loyalists, virtual unknowns and Republicans in name only (RINOs). One RINO candidate is Jake Evans who has proven to be the epitome of duplicity on the campaign trail to the point where he seems better suited in the Democrat primary.

    Jake's Jukes: Jake is running as a pro Trump "America First" candidate. He had his picture taken with former President Trump at the recent Commerce rally and is even seeking his endorsement. That appears bizarre to us when Evans is on record as a Trump critic and even stated in a 2016 PBS interview that he will "reluctantly" vote for Trump as the "lesser of two evils".

    But that is not the only hypocritical position Jake has taken by any means. His public comments and web site claim: "Jake will stop efforts to defund the police". But on the next to last page of his paper entitled: "A Criminal Justice System without Justice" he opines that "government resources should be reallocated from the criminal justice system to the education system". Evans provides no explanation as to what law enforcement or justice programs he would cut.

    That 2015 "woke" paper also subscribes to, and propagates principles of, critical race theory. His introduction claims that: "Racism is more insidious than ever, existing as an invisible force perpetuating pernicious racial disparities". Although he correctly points out that blacks have often been treated unfairly in the criminal justice system, he later writes: "whites have heralded themselves as innately superior to other races". In fact, his racist viewpoints reek more of Marxist propaganda than Republican principles he claims to represent.

    Evans cannot even be trusted to accurately portray his professional experience as an attorney. His Twitter feed claims: "Jake Evans is the only candidate who took the fight for President Trump to the U.S. Supreme Court." In reality, Evans never represented President Trump. Trump was not a party to the Pennsylvania case the Evans vaguely references: Scarnati et al. v. Pennsylvania Democratic Party et al. Evans was also not an attorney for the Plaintiffs in the original case since he merely filed an Amicus brief as a friend of the court. He later filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of some of the plaintiffs but there was no fight since the court declined to hear the case.

    Jake's Notorious Ethics Commission:

    Perhaps the most dubious claims of all involve Evans' role on the Georgia Ethics Commission. His web site contends: "As chairman of Georgia's State Ethics Commission, Jake drained the swamp by holding politicians of both parties accountable to the law." In reality, Jake was the swamp. Evans was appointed to the commission in 2016 by Gov. Nathan Deal after Deal had the legislature defund, restructure and rename it when it was investigating Deal's 2010 campaign finances. The revised Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission was forced to pay over $3 million dollars to four former employees in wrongful termination lawsuits after they were fired or had their pay diminished during the investigation.

    Evans web site claims that: "He cracked down on corruption, specifically enforcing fines on dark money..." But as an Ethics Commissioner, Evans actually cracked down on Canton Tea Party founder Carolyn Cosby, a 67-year-old grandmother with physical health challenges. Cosby became well respected in Cherokee County for exposing "Bobo's Boondoggle", a county expenditure for a landfill that commissioners never completed. The unbuilt landfill cost Cherokee taxpayers millions of dollars.

    After the negative exposure, commissioner Karen Bosch filed a complaint against Cosby that was based on Georgia code sections the state had never attempted to enforce. It alleged Cosby operated an "independent committee" that was required to register with the state and make financial disclosures. The complaint contended that Cosby explicitly advocated for or against candidates or issues. Cosby argued that her advocacy was implicit and protected by the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

    In spite of the uniqueness and unchartered nature of the first complaint ever filed against Mrs. Cosby, Evans and the Ethics Commission continually and relentlessly pursued her until an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) fined her $30,000, by asserting that her first infringement was actually multiple offenses. The fine, which Cosby refused to pay, was roughly 10 times the total of about $3,000 in expenditures she incurred for all groups combined. In contrast, the commission previously fined Deal $3,350 for over $300,000 of questionable expenses that were not fully investigated. These included non-disclosed or potentially misdirected payments involving his daughter-in-law and private plane flights. That double standard imposed by Jake and the Ethics Commission was obviously an attempt to protect the swamp Jake now claims to have drained.

    Jake's Record against Constitutional Rights:

    Evans' web site goes on to say that: "Jake has a record of winning the fight for our constitutional rights." On the contrary, Jake and the Ethics Commission established a record that fought to destroy the constitutional rights of Carolyn Cosby. Jake's commission, forced Mrs. Cosby to argue her 1st Amendment free speech rights were violated at her ALJ hearing and her subsequent appeal hearing in Fulton County Superior Court. Her Constitutional Attorney, Bruce Fein, contended the U.S. Supreme Court already ruled in the 1976 Buckley v. Valeo case that Cosby's type of implicit advocacy is protected by the 1st Amendment. Asst. Attorney General Christian Fuller, who represented the commission, did not refute that argument. But ALJ Judge Stephanie Howells stated she could only rule on Georgia law, not constitutional issues even though she is sworn to uphold the U.S. and Georgia Constitutions. The grossly excessive fine she imposed further conflicts with the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that protects against arbitrary, unusual or excessive punishments. On appeal, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jane Barwick, who is also sworn to uphold the U.S. and Georgia Constitutions, issued a one sentence denial of Carolyn Cosby's free speech claim with no explanation. Barwick's refusal to justify her once sentence findings even after being requested to do so in a Motion to Reconsider, also denied Cosby her due process rights under the 14th Amendment.

    Evans' web site further claims that: "Jake will never back down on safeguarding these freedoms." Jake and the Ethics commission not only backed down on safeguarding Cosby's freedoms but they tried to destroy her freedoms. After their bizarre, relentless persecution, Jake's Ethics commission never held the required final hearing to review the ALJ decision. Cosby's attorneys Bruce Fein and Stephen Humphreys had argued her disproportionate fine and selective prosecution were arbitrary and capricious. They contended it was the swamp's retaliatory attempt to silence watchdog groups who oppose them. Right or wrong, Cosby's 1st Amendment claims, 8th Amendment protections and 14th amendment rights were not safeguarded as she never received a fair and proper ruling that every citizen deserves even at the hands of Jake and the Ethics Commission.

    Jake's Twitter feed states: "I am a Constitutional Conservative to the core. The Constitution will be my guide for every decision I make in Congress." The Cosby case proved that the Ethics Commission continued to be rotten to the core with Jake as a Commissioner. The Constitution was not Jake Evans' guide then and the records shows it will likely never be his guide.

    A Tribute to Carolyn Cosby:

    Carolyn Cosby passed away exactly one year ago yesterday. Her husband David believes that her Ethics Commission ordeal contributed to her medical health problems that eventually led to her death. We dedicate this report to her memory and her accomplishments. We resurrected her story on Easter because we believe it is exactly what she and her family would want us to do. We know they are proud of her and hope we have made them proud of us.

    Editor's Note - The Georgia Record offered Jake Evans and his campaign staff in person an interview last year. We followed up by email with no response. Mr. Evans is welcomed to come on The Georgia 2022 Show any Sunday before the election to give his side of the story. He can contact us at [email protected].

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    Rob Cunningham

    Truth is truth, and no amount of spin can invalidate facts, laws, history or our constitutional rights. Political candidates groomed for the swamp by legacy swamp, who loudly cloak themselves in constitutional superiority, are almost always to be suspected. Thank you for this educational history lesson and for empowering the entire 6th Congressional District with your clarifying research. We are now more empowered, knowledgeable voters!



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