• REPORT: Kemp Suppressed Evidence, Obstructed Justice In True The Vote Election Fraud Probe, Threatened Businesses...True The Vote Has RICO Evidence

    By Staff
    May 15, 2022

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    Rasmussen is reporting that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp threatened businesses that supported the investigation into election fraud by the activist group True The Vote, which bought cell phone data and tracked ballot trafficking in Georgia during the 2020 election. The information eventually wound up in the viral documentary - '2000 Mules'.

    Is it also being reported that True The Vote has racketeering evidence that could be used under the RICO act to prosecute the 2020 election fraud.

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    So when are you going to file a police report and have him arrested?

    Ed Sunderland

    Where does the common man go to seek justice? Georgia is corrupt, the Federal Government is corrupt, Arizona AG is corrupt, Nevada elections supervisors are corrupt, I have personal experience Texas election laws have holes allowing election fraud to flow like a river and we are dismissed and ignored by the very people entrusted to not be corrupt. All we ask for is fair elections but when one party of another get into office losing power is their greatest motivator rather than respect for the common man and voter..

    If corrupt elected leaders want a fight, that's what they are going to get!!

    jack johnson

    I watched the 'True the Vote' interview on Tucker Carlson and was taken back by how convoluted and choppy the messaging was, thinking to myself "they need to find another face for these interviews". Then I find out that there were restrictions on what the woman could and could not say, and verbiage and statements that weren`t allowed.

    To say I was infuriated at Carlson was an understatement. He constantly rails against "censorship and group think" but turns around and does the same thing on an issue this important is an outrage.


    Hopefully Kemp will turn that thing on himself.


    Instead of running for gov. he should be running for the hills, lawyer up.

    Mad Celt

    Brian Kemp is a no talent, unqualified poser for any executive position, government or otherwise.

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