• Georgia House Candidate Who Confronted GA GOP Head David Shafer Stealthily Gerrymandered Out of Race - Ballots in Three Counties Spoiled

    By Staff
    May 22, 2022

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    By Staff Writer

    On March 11, 2022, the spouse of a veteran Army Ranger placed aside her responsibilities and drove the four hours to Atlanta in order to qualify as a candidate for the Georgia State House. The immense, largely unseen needs of Savannah area citizens motivated her trip to the Gold Dome. Little did she know the convoluted trap doors to simply attempting to offer her area conservative voters an alternative to 25-year incumbent Representatives Ron Stephens.

    When she arrived to the Capitol in her black suit and fire red blouse, no one expected her, but a few people recognized her. Georgia Republican Party Chairman, David Shafer, who was overseeing the qualification process alongside other party officers that day, knew her immediately. Chasity Pawvlik, with striking dark hair and piercing blue eyes, had publicly named him in violations of duty in a recent, botched hearing regarding an appeal to Republican Party cheating in Chatham County. Reading directly from an audit sheet, she was badgered and discouraged by his Committee on Appeals from speaking. However, she managed to state the troubling key observations on record, which were reported by the Georgia Record.

    All of Chasity Pawvlik’s paperwork was in good order, including an affidavit from her banking institution with her fees and her district clearly noted as State House District 164, which contains parts of Chatham, Bryan, and Liberty counties. She had confirmed her district number multiple times within the Secretary of State system and again with the clerk handling the paperwork at the Capitol. She recalls Shafer even confirming her district number himself. On the Georgia General Assembly website still today, her home clearly lies within the borders of HD 164. Pawvlik checked, paid, and signed everything in good order. When taking her oath of candidacy to the Republican Party, she made an audible aside remark that her only truly meaningful oath belongs to God and country. She departed the Gold Dome that day as a candidate for Georgia House District 164, and paused for pictures with a friend who had accompanied her.


    Perplexed, but not undeterred, she began her campaign with no party resources whatsoever. It was as if she was blacklisted. A State GOP Vice Chairman promised her resources and access to GOP candidate data but never delivered. Neither the Chatham, Liberty, nor Bryan County parties would return calls or inform her of opportunities to speak despite requests. They mentioned her candidacy nowhere on their social media pages. It became clear that that by omission, each county had clearly endorsed Representative Ron Stephens, which is something she knew to be against GOP Rules.

    With endless determination, Pawvlik filed for private endorsements and received them. The Georgia Republican Assembly proudly endorsed her over her opponent, who had a poor conservative record. An organization called Veterans for America First also endorsed her. Additionally, she spoke as a guest candidate on the John Fredricks show on two occasions. Yet, strangely, her own local League of Women voters had scheduled her for a debate, but then abruptly cancelled without reason. 

    Then, unexpectedly, on May 11, one of her family members received a new voter card in the mail from the Secretary of State with a troubling designation. This voter card revealed that her address is now contained within neighboring House District 162, which is represented by a Democrat. She began immediately seeking answers, and contacted the Elections Division of Brad Raffensberger’s office. His staff had no explanation, but all recognized that her qualification process was cloaked in either negligence or fraud with NONE of it due to Mrs. Pawvlik. She had conducted herself with ethics and followed every step of the legal qualification process.

    At this time, an internal investigation is underway with the Secretary of State. They claim that the matter is of highest priority. Yet, the office has been entirely remiss in issuing a press release to inform the voters of her district. And, citizens throughout the State of Georgia should know, in case similar situations have been repeated. Changes in districts may not be caught until the ballot box, which will be too late. Pawvlik particularly encourages candidates to examine their paperwork and any changes in mapping. This troubling matter places Raffensberger's highly-criticized office under more public scrutiny.

    Most importantly, the 60,000 Georgia citizens of both House District 164 and House District 162 deserve to know they are voting on a soiled ballot. Citizens must be told WHEN, HOW, and WHY their areas were altered or even gerrymandered. If actions were taken out of legal bounds, those involved must be checked immediately. Mrs. Pawvlik, qualified candidate for HD 164, remains on an active primary ballot in three counties. Additionally, her ‘new district’ of HD 162 was deprived a Republican choice. Currently there is no Republican running in HD 162 against Democrat Representative Carl Gilliard, because the GOP forfeited it. Looking at new maps, it appears that her sector of Chatham county, which is full of military and conservative voters, was just sacrificed.

    The entire situation should concern all citizens of Georgia, as this matter may have repeated itself statewide. And, it has yet to be determined how to rectify this soiled election. Pawvlik believes the entire qualification window should reopen for Republican candidates and that special elections for both HD 162 & HD 164 should be conducted. She encourages other district voters to challenge Representative Ron Stephens and to question his potential involvement in this issue. Pawvlik also directs her concern to the possible involvement of repeatedly unaccountable cheating party officers in the Chatham Republican Party and their notorious loyalties to the Democrat Party in the area. Finally, she boldly contends that the entire redistricting process, party officer elections, qualification, and primary election processes may be universally illegitimate. She has reason believe that elected officials throughout this state are under the direct influence and control of foreign and transnational criminal organizations. Georgia citizens and those watching closely nationwide have seen the Constitution and laws of this state routinely crushed.

    Who is benefitting? Certainly not the conservative bedrock of Georgia.

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    Lyra Donahue

    Is there anything that is done legitimately in Georgia anymore?

    Joe Madden

    So I guess we know why and how Trump lost Georgia and we have 02 Democratic Senators. Kemp and Raffensperger have to go Georgians.

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