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    May 23, 2022
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    CD Media Big Data Poll: Georgia Voters Have Little Faith In Election Fairness, Party Leadership Neutrality
    GA GOP Chairman David Shafer

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    By Michael Daugherty

    When running for office, something that most sane people don’t want to do, access to the GOP database to reach out to constituents and campaign is critical. It gives one what should be a level playing field of information to conduct your campaign, a map of where your people are. But ever since 2020 Georgians have smelled a rat and the aroma is not going away.

    There is something very peculiar about the list the GOP database provided to candidates but, as in all real world politics, it’s usually complete buffoonery that results in these messes. This year appears to be no exception.

    Because our governments have completely steamrolled due process when it comes to poking around election integrity, I am not going to name names here, but a data engineer exported all available voters on the GOP database to check their voting preference and history. Comparing that with a statewide voter  list from the Secretary of State from May, 2022, which is a little over two weeks into early voting in Fulton County, the comparative number did not add up.  

    Below are main differences found from GOP database vs the Secretary of State’s office:

    1. The GOP database provided 14,885 voters. Already, the GOP database was missing 25,945 voters…assuming Raffensperger’s numbers are correct.
    2. The GOP database provided 395 Voters were not even on the Statewide Voter List or existing as a voter.
    3. The GOP database provided 1,539 that were marked as Inactive as of May , 2022
    4. After compiling voter scores from Voter History Files going back to 2012, a total of 10,840 from the GOP database had the following results for voter preference:
      1. 6,749 Voters who have never participated in a primary
      2. 525 Strong Democrats (Predominately Voted Democrat in Past Primaries)
      3. 2,109 Weak Democrats (Voted Democrat slightly more than Republican)

    And yet the data accrued by the data engineer showed the following:

    1. 2,482 Strong Republicans (Compared to 403 from GOP)
    2. 4,563 Weak Republicans (Compared to 1,054 from GOP)
    3. 17,976 Voters who have never participated in a primary (Compared to 6,749 from GOP)
    4. 6,157 Weak Democrats (Compared to 2,109 from GOP)

    Who to believe? Who to rely on? The answer…NOBODY.  With data like this the  only conclusion is that the Secretary of State’s office and the GOP data is a disaster. Don’t pay attention to the polls. They rely on this junk in, junk out fiasco.

    People are showing up in droves and that means they are pissed off. And they are pissed off because the GOP establishment patted everyone on the head and said, “There, there, no election issues to see here.”. 

    We know that’s a crock. Bottom line, don’t be surprised if Perdue and Hice score way higher than the firehose of faux data the SOS office wants you to drink from. The time to vote on who you support and not who you think is going to win is now…but your probably already know this. Michael J. Daugherty is the Founder of The Justice Society, a non-profit that strives to train Davids to defeat Goliaths. TheJusticeSociety.com

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    Joe Madden

    So we do have Dominion Voting Machines what’s the worry??

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