• Dekalb County Recount Shows Massive Difference Between Machine Count And Hand Count From May 24th Primary - Election Results Changed, Electronic Database Suspected

    By Staff
    June 1, 2022
    Image by Dave Conner

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    Dekalb County, GA undertook a hand recount in the District 2 County Commission race after questions were raised over equipment 'malfunctions'.

    DeKalb VRE Executive Director Keisha Smith issued a press release to distribute the recount tabulation which changed the results and the runoff participants.

    The press release does not explain the large discrepancy between the machine count on Election Night and the subsequent hand count. It also doesn’t explain the appearance of 2,810 more votes cast than were initially reported, reported Decaturish.

    “This is my first time experiencing an election as a candidate. Like I’m sure many other people are, I am surprised by the significant change in the reported totals from the hand count in comparison towhat had previously been published by DeKalb Elections...I am continuing to monitor the situation and will await further news about this election. It remains important to me that every vote is counted with accuracy and reflects the voters will. Due to the limited time between now and the runoff election date, I need to continue to be prepared for the runoff as we await certification, I continue to support full transparency about this election and the ensuing tabulation of results," said Lauren Alexander.

    DeKalb VRE at first declined to release results of the hand count of paper ballots, which election workers finished at 12:30 a.m. on May 31, citing questions about the accuracy of the count.

    Local Dekalb online newspaper Decaturish filed a formal records request for the immediate release of this information with an explanation about why election officials feel the hand tally count is inaccurate, or provide a legal justification for withholding the information.

    Had Spears not raised questions on Election Night, it’s unclear whether the result would be in doubt at all. Some precincts were reporting she received zero votes – including her own precinct. Spears took pictures of the precinct-level results and showed them to Decaturish on Monday during day two of the hand count. Her supporters, including commissioners Jeff Rader and Ted Terry, began publicly raising questions about what happened.

    “I have no disagreement with anybody who says let’s take a harder look at any of these races...I needed to be provided with more precinct by precinct data. What are the implications of any of the issues we’ve been looking at for any other races? I don’t know, said Elections Board Vice Chair Nancy Jester.

    In other words, the May 24th election was again marred with fraud and incompetence.

    Perhaps its time to get rid of the machines, Georgia?

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    Machines swing the elections? Color me shocked. Not. Apparently, the only election that will not be completely fraudulent is that which we vote from the hedgerows and rooftops.

    Michigan J Frogg

    ^^This, all of this.


    And this took two years to come to the light? We need ACTION !!!

    Michael Gilmer

    "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." - Joseph Stalin

    Michigan J Frogg

    Voting; the illusion of influence on politics.

    Valerie Haynes

    Proposed Constitutional Amendment: All election voting must be conducted using verifiable paper ballots in small local venues, with all local venue results published for aggregate tabulation.


    And the American people will get more of the same denials and cover ups from both parties...




    Oh, come on, that's too much work, then leftist democrats have to stuff ballot boxes by hand, in person.


    We have a winner!

    Ballots counted in public with cameras at every angle. Ballots held for two years in secure storage after the election.

    Georgia is ranked number one in political corruption now after unseating California for the position last year.

    Georgia is ranked number one in political corruption now after unseating California for the position last year

    Hmmm, I don't know, have you seen Pennsylvania????


    I hope you fine, honest and decent Real Conservative people of Georgia haven't deceived yourselves into believing such massive vote fraud was only perpetrated in one precinct, in one county...do you????

    It's such blatant, obvious, in-your-face election fraud the leftist democrats perpetrate that they don't even try to hide it anymore. Everybody just sits there and says "they stole another election...oh, well, what a shame."

    We don't have legitimate elections. This is the Banana Republic of North America.

    Thomas Barnes

    No mention of what machines were being used?

    Mike T.

    This NEEDS to be sent to every REPUBLICAN VOTING Present in the USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Seems they don't want to fix the problem so it's not posable to vote out the problem people.

    L Garou

    The U.S. of Everything is Rigged, Illegal (or pending) and everyone knows it.
    I blame the US Carny Congress and the DeepState dirty rat liaisons..

    B. Lokey

    Ballot thieving is the second oldest game in the world, just behind prostitution.


    It appears someone programed the machines to give the wrong count.

    Don Miller

    Yet we are force fed an election outcome with threats if not believing, supporting the official results that have been obviously overridden by fraud...

    Dr. Christina Jeffrey

    Congratulations to GA!

    But, keep your powder dry until it’s over!

    William masters

    When will our corrupt Georgia republican leaders stand up an demand an investigation into ties between Dominion Raffensperger & Kemp. These dam machines are corrupt prone to hacking & manipulation by operators CISA finally admitted that this year after denying it in 2020. I believe our state is just as corrupt as Biden's administration & it seems like they're all in on the take because they don't seem to care about election fraud period!

    Dan Ross

    Eugene Yu from Konnech Corp a Chinese company based in MI was arrested for stealing and storing data on servers based in China on poll workers in L.A. County CA on Oct 4th. Konnech Corp is a software provider to Dekalb County GA. Now everyone can see the connection between the Chinese Communist Party and Democratic Election officals. I believe they have 32 clients in the U.S. and data on over 2 million poll workers. Nothing to see here folks.

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